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SOLUTION: How does Sprint Measure Hotspot Data Usage?



When hot spot is active on a device, does Sprint measure all data usage as Hotspot Usage?



Hotspot Active on my Galaxy S6 Edge (GPS Application running on my Tethered Tablet (Connected to Phone Hotspot) uses 1MB)

Pandora Running on my phone uses 1MB


Does Sprint count the Data used in this scenerio by both the phone and tablet toward my 10 GB limit (which would be 2MB)? or can it differentiate the date used by the phone and the data used by the devices attached to the hotspot (which would be 1MB)?





The hot spot usage measurement depends on the plan. On our Data share plans the hot spot is pulled from the shared data allowance or data bucket you purchase.  For our unlimited plans, Sprint measures the hot spot usage separately from your unlimited data.


In the example given, we assume that the customer is on our Unlimited Freedom plan, which includes 10GB of mobile hot spot.  With the Unlimited Freedom Plan, Sprint counts 1MB of your 10GB of hot spot used when you tethered from your phone to your tablet. Since you listened to Pandora on your phone, that 1MB is included with your Unlimited data.


If you were on a Data Share plan like the 20 GB Data share, both the 1MB used when you tethered your tablet to your phone and the 1MB used when you listened to Pandora would come out of your total data allotment for the month.

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