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Question  My daughter is grounded and I don't want her on Facebook or Snapchat. Is there a way to block data for just one line on an account that has Unlimited Data?   Answer If you are the account holder or are authorized to make changes on, you can block voice, text or data to any line on your Sprint account.  Most of these restrictions can be accomplished through the Preferences page Log in to your account, completing 2 factor authentication if prompted Under Limits and Permissions, click on the service you want to restrict Select the phone number or device you want to restrict  Texts: you man block all text messages, only inbound text messages, only outbound text messages, block only selected numbers or allow only selected numbers To block or allow only selected numbers from texting, enter the phone number into the top box on the screen and click 'Add number' To remove a number from the list, highlight it and click 'Remove number' Voice: you may block all outbound voice calls or to block only certain numbers for inbound and outbound calls from the Preferences screen To block all inbound calls or all inbound and outbound calls please go to My Account > Next to the number you wish to restrict use the drop down to select 'Change my services.'  In the new window select 'Block incoming calls - $0.00' or 'Block all calls - $0.00' Data: Data is either restricted or it is not Click Save  
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