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Question Recently, my doctor called and I noticed that nothing showed up for his name or number in my Caller ID.  Can I do this? Is there a way I can block my phone number and name from showing up in Caller ID? Will this prevent telemarketers and scammers calling me ?   Answer   You can prevent your name and number from appearing when you call others by enabling Block Caller ID through your My Sprint account, just follow these instructions: Access   My Sprint   account Locate the phone that will have the caller id block. Select   Change my services. In the   Setup your phone   section, select the   Block Caller ID   option To unblock on a per call basis, enter *82 and the phone number when dialing. To unblock all calls, deselect the   Block Caller ID   option through the same processed used to set up  Unfortunately, scammers often dial numbers completely at random, meaning that they're not actually calling you specifically, they're just dialing a random number hoping someone answers.  Telemarketers either work this same way (a computer dials a random number or every number in a certain area code and exchange) or through 'lead lists' that they purchase from companies that sell your information.  Blocking Caller ID cannot prevent these kinds of calls, but you can put yourself on the National Do Not Call Registry.
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