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Question Does Sprint throttle Unlimited Data customers and what is Network Management? Answer  Sprint does not throttle customers on Unlimited Data plans.  That being said, heavy data users (those who have used more than 50 GB in their current bill cycle) may experience slower data speeds during times or in places where the network is more congested.  This is part of our Network Management and helps ensure that every customer has fair access to data.   Sprint wants to be sure that all of our customers have reasonable access to high speed data, whether they're on Unlimited Data plans or not.  For this reason, during times or in areas of network congestion, when the data network is a bit harder to access, a customer who has used more than 50 GB in their current bill cycle may temporarily have slower speeds than customers who use less.   A good example of this would be a group of customers at a sporting event or a theme park where lots of people are all in one place.  This puts extra pressure on the towers in that area.  Customers who have already used more than 50 GB in their bill cycle may have slower speeds than customers who had used less data that month. If there were a major data issue like a tower outage or other network problem in an area, the same situation might apply: a customer who had already used more than 50 GB that month might have slower speeds than customers who had not.    Speeds are only slowed while in the crowded area or during the congestion event so as soon a heavy data using customer left the congested area or the event ended, their speeds would return to normal.  Again, this only happens after a customer has used 50 GB for the current month and only until the end of the bill cycle. Once the bill cycle resets, speeds would go back to normal (until that customer went over 50 GB AND into a congested area again).  Managing our network resources this way helps make sure that all of our customers have access to data, even during times of congestion.   For more information, please see our Network Management page      
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