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Question   When I try to activate the Tidal 6 month trial, I get an error message saying there was a problem activating my account, try again later.  I've been trying for 3 days.  Can anyone help?     Answer  You need to access or to add the service. Both websites will take you to sign in to your online My sprint account. Once you're there, please follow the next steps to add the promotion:   Sign in to with a valid username and password. Scroll down to the desired PTN or device and select Manage Plan. On the next page, select Manage Services on the same device/PTN. Double check to make sure you're making changes to the right PTN. On the Service add-ons page, select TIDAL to add, or uncheck the services to be removed. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.   You’ll get a text message with an activation link, usually generated immediately, where you can complete the subscription process. This is a required step to access TIDAL and all its benefits. It’s simple – just enter your email, create a password, confirm your subscription details and you’re done!   **It's important to note that this promotion is only valid for new TIDAL customers.**       If you have blocked purchases billed to your Sprint account you may have to Unblock them in your preferences in order to take advantage of this offer. You'll need to uninstall the TIDAL app if you have already installed it and then follow these instructions to Unblock:   Go to My Sprint > My Preferences   Under the Limits and permissions section: Block Apps, digital media downloads & third party charges Select device to unblock and save changes   Once you have saved your preferences you should be able to click the link, download the app and get going with TIDAL.  
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