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Hotspot Data Measurement?

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Hotspot Data Measurement?

When hotspot is active on a device, does Sprint measure all data usage as Hotspot Usage?



Hotspot Active on my Galaxy S6 Edge

Pandora Running on my phone uses 1MB

GPS Application running on my Tethered Tablet (Connected to Phone Hotspot) uses 1MB


Does Sprint count the Data used in this scenerio by both the phone and tablet toward my 10 GB limit (which would be 2MB)? or can it differentiate the date used by the phone and the data used by the devices attached to the hotspot (which would be 1MB)?

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Re: Hotspot Data Measurement?



The hotspot usage measurement depends on the plan. On our Data share plans the hotspot is pulled from the shared data allowance, but for our unlimited plans Sprint measures the hotspot usage separately from your unlimited data. In your example, you may be referring to our Unlimited Freedom which is the one that includes 10GB of mobile hotspot. So following your example, we will measure 1MB of your 10GB of hotspot and 1MB of your unlimited data. Let us know if this clears up your concern.


Sprint Social Care

Re: Hotspot Data Measurement?

It does; that is exactly what I was looking for!
Thank You

Re: Hotspot Data Measurement?


Your response was a complete lie. I have multiple accounts. I have one that is similar to what the customer was asking about. Unless I just found a 'freak' Sprint system error your response was completely false.


On one of my specific plan that is dedicated to a single specific phone (HTC A9), the terms of agreement state that I have a 4GB "4G LTE HOTSPOT" data limit. No data limit via phone internet browser, or device downloads. ONLY HOTSPOT or actual 4G LTE use!  Just like the person who asked you the original question.


Tonight, I reached the "4GB LTE HOTSPOT" limit on the HTC A9. No worries... right? I can still use my phone's browser, as per contract.... Right?  NOPE!


When I tried to use 4G, ALL DATA, not just hotspot was throttled down to 2G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE BE AWARE OF THIS SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have no 3G limit, as per contract. So no problem right? So I locked the radio on my HTC A9 phone to ONLY USE 3G EVDO Rev. A bands!


NOT 4G LTE, NOT 2G, just use my God given and Sprint promised right to use 3G bands unlimited!


NOPE!!!! NOTTA!!!!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!


This Sprint Rep. completely lied to you. Just like myself, and every other Sprint customer you should be able to use your data as promised in your contract. 

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