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Yahoo Smart Contacts on the Sharp Aquos Crystal

Sprint Product Ambassador

One of the first things I noticed after activating the Aquos was a prompt for my Yahoo credentials.  Now I haven’t used Yahoo beyond logging into Flickr for the better part of 5 years.  So I was curious how they were trying to make themselves relevant in the Android space.  I logged in and gave permission for this new ‘Yahoo Smart Contacts’ app to access my various contact sources.

On the last phone I was using, I had somehow imported every contact, ever, from Gmail and had over 4,000 irrelevant, duplicate and bogus contacts.  Far more work than I ever wanted to do to go through and clean that up.  Fortunately it had a good contact search feature and I didn’t have to do the slog to get the contacts sorted out.   With the Yahoo Smart Contacts app, it replaces your dialer and contacts, sending your contacts to the cloud to be parsed, de-duplicated and intelligently sorted.  It pops your most frequently contacted people to the top of the list, giving them a smart icon based on their social profiles.  You can manually flag certain contacts as favorites, adding them to the top of your contact list.  And, as you make more contacts through email, calls etc. the app loads them in your contact list either as a new contact or in combination with an existing contact – all automatically.

None of the changes affect the original source of the contacts – all your Outlook, Google and other contacts remain unchanged.  Yahoo uses technology from Xobni, a startup they acquired in 2013 to modify the display and integration of your contacts.  I’ve used various solutions from HTC, Microsoft, and Samsung phones to try to manage my growing list of contacts with limited success.  This new tool from Yahoo really does the trick, providing intelligent (smart even!) contact management on the Sharp Aquos Crystal.  For the on the go business person or social maven, Yahoo Smart Contacts is another great piece of a great phone.

You can find more information on Yahoo Smart Contacts on their support site:  Welcome to Smart Contacts Help