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High Data Usage


High Data Usage

This hotspot has worked flawlessly for me for a couple of years but recently the data usage has been through the roof!

We have done all the usual -- changing passwords to lock out unauthorized users, making sure all devices are disconnected from the hotspot when not in use, etc. etc. But where 3-6GB was more than adequate a year ago with 1 laptop and 1 tablet, we are now having to cut back usage to avoid going over the 12GB plan.

Sprint techs were little help since between 4 of them I have had 2 different responses when asked about data usage when the hotspot is turned ON but with nothing connected to it. Two assured me that data transfer would be zero and two others told me the exact opposite, although they could not give me a number for MB or GB per day/month that might be consumed when the device was left connected to the cell network.

I fear I might have a defective device that is "chatting" with the Sprint network 24/7 and gorging on all my expensive data or the recording system is dis-functional and recording usage when there is none. Example -- over a 6 hour night time period where (trust me) no one was connected to the hotspot, approximately 300MB of data was used. That would translate to 10GB of data over a month without any data being downloaded with my 2 portables!

I went to the local Sprint Store and had the device reset to factory settings (since there was nothing else they could or wanted to do) so now we will have to just monitor frequently to see how the data changes. Not a great solution but all we can do at this point.

Anybody else out there with similar problems?



I am happy to know that you have already gone to the store, but disappointed to hear that no resolution was found to what is going on. This is the first I have heard of this. Does the tablet have apps on it that could or are set to update automatically? Sounds like you are already doing everything to consume data responsibly, may I suggest turning off the unit completely.

Sprint Social Care Team

I am recently experiencing the same thing. I have not often left it on without being on the internet but when I have, I am sure the computer is not on the net but my usage is going crazy.  I have been unable to get any answer from CS./They did suggest I take it to a store but that is 50 miles away so I cannot just run to it anytime.



I'm sorry to hear this.  Have you ensured that your password is secure so there is no unauthorized use happening?  Is your computer set up to do automatic updates or manual?  I understand the store is not convenient to visit, but having the device checked out by a technician is the best option if you have already ensured it's secure and no automatic updates are running. 


Sprint Social Care

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