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Loss of connection after 6 PM 58042


Loss of connection after 6 PM 58042

I purchased the Sierra Wireless to replace a local company that dropped its internet service. I went to a local store, the guys there have been great trying to get me up and running. It worked pretty well the first few days, with only occasional problems. I took it back to the store and they switched it to 3G only since Fargo ND does not have 4G yet, (It's coming this summer....) That helped some, but now my service drops after 5-6:00 pm! They are saying that it is possibly heavy internet traffic (come on, this is Fargo, not Chicago!). The Wireless unit says it has "connection achieved" but my computer says that my device is broken. I did notice that when I go to the coverage page that there was a note about some changes on July 10? That would be about when my problems started. Another thing, my cell phone usually has 3-4 bars of reception, on Saturday it was on roaming most of the day! That has NEVER happened before! Help?????

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