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Out of stock


Out of stock

Interested in purchasing this.  What are other people's experience with this (I've read some very mixed reviews), but I am finding out that this seems to be out of stock (when I checked on April 26).  Can it be that this is so popular that Sprint couldn't keep up the demand and they flew off the shelves?  No one that I have spoken with seem to know when (or if) this product will be back in stores.  Does anyone have any more information on this?  Or, if not, is there another comprable device that I might consider purchasing.


Re: Out of stock


Thank for posting. I do apologize we are currently out of stock of this item. I checked the warehouse team, it looks like they might be coming back within the next 10-14 business days tentatively.

Also, if you want to see all reviews for the device the main places would be and

Thank you,

George M.

Sprint Social Care Team

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