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Sierra Hotspot reboots


Sierra Hotspot reboots

     I have had the Sierra Hotspot since July 2013. It is used 24/7, with up to 5 devices connected to the device. Sometimes the Hotspot will work great for 5 or 6 days straight, but usually the it needs to be reset daily, sometimes several times a day. Is there a reason for this? Could it be overheating? It is sitting in the open on a shelf, no sun on it or heat source near it. I love the Hotspot, but having to reset it so often takes up a lot of time when I'm trying to get work done.


Re: Sierra Hotspot reboots


Thanks for your post. There could be a number of factors causing the device to need these constant resets. It would be best to let a technician take a look and determine what may be going on. You can find your local service and repair center here > Sprint Store Locator Thanks!


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