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Amazon Prime music on your Slate 8:


Music, is so important to culture. It conveys the mood of the youngsters of the current day, hence the reason why the older generation hates and doesn't understand new music.

I am late to the party since I just discovered Amazon music. I was paying for Spotify, however due to family budget cuts it had to go. I am a fan of Pandora. However the commercials I can do without.

What do I do?

A co-worker introduced me to Amazon music, I already had Amazon Prime so this was free. It was there begging me to play all the hits from my youth.

Vanilla Ice - check

Blackstreet - check

Tupac - check

Notorious Big - check

Public Enemy - check

Celine Dion - check,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wait did I just say that? I meant Jay Z


Headphones on or off, the sound on the Slate is good for the price point of this device.

I am no audiophile so its not a big deal to me to not being able to hear every tink of the high hat or a hidden cowbell being struck.

Whether you want to listen to the latest hit by Justin Bieber, or listen to the smooth sounds from the Chairman of the board (Frank Sinatra for you youngsters). The Slate 8 delivers for all your needs.

A lot of us already have Amzon Prime for their shipping, this is a added bonus that you're already paying for.


Stanny George

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