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Product malfunctions


Product malfunctions

In response to email was unable to send my personal information to receive your help.

Is obvious that many customers have this "bad" product and in all postings Sprint says it understand and to contact manufacture.

Sprint get this: Your job to contact manufacture it who sold you this product. You don't keep passing it off to unsuspecting customers. That's swindle and must be addressed at once.

If you wish to speak to me send a link that will allow the contact.

Sprint Social Care

Re: Product malfunctions

Sorry to read you feel that way Pumpkinbee.

We want to help.

If you're posting in here from a computer, click on the agents name or on their avatar/pic. Once in their profile, half way down on the right side will be the option to send them a PM.

If you're posting from a phone/device, once on this site and logged in, go into your browsers settings and change it to full site mode/desktop mode. Once the site changes, do the computer steps above.


Sprint Social Care

Sprint Social Care
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