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"KC Chiefs take the Broncos on the Slate 8"

Sprint Leasing and Insurance

The other day my spouse was searching for his tablet and picked up my Slate 8 instead of his “fruit” tablet.  “Wow’, he said, “This tablet feels solid. Does it work like mine? Can I view my shows on this?” Which of course, I definitively replied, “Yes”.

He booted up the device and was impressed with the screen and launched into the *flix app and then on to his daily work with web ad postings.  He loved the idea that he could use the Sprint cellular network and not require the use of wifi only. With the Sprint LTE, it was as fast as he experiences with the wifi only tablet he normally uses. As we walked out the door he enjoyed the fact that he could continue to post to his site the pictures and descriptions of what he was selling. Then his final surprise was the ability to launch the KC Chiefs live broadcast to see their awesomeness at the Denver stadium Sunday. #ChiefsWinByAMile

One often wonders if you NEED cellular service and I would express that it is indeed a feature that is helpful when on the go. Heck watching the demise of the Broncos was / is worth it!

This Slate 8 tablet is a great entry into the tablet market and if you are searching for a gift for your tween or first time user of tablets, this is a great one. You have access to all the great Android apps and the tablet is a great size for reading articles, books and watching shows as well as keeping up with the social world.

Check it out at here along with a few other great solutions for tablet shopping.

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