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Android, Homer Simpson and donuts – a Sprint perspective


Increasingly it is not only all about that shiny phone made by that Cupertino computer maker. Wireless phones running with Google’s Android are generating quite a bit of buzz.

They provide a great browsing experience and access to a growing number of applications. Some pundits even are saying that Android phones are closing in on the iPhone when it comes to consumer interest and satisfaction.

Check out this post for a little additional context.

So here’s the good news: Sprint is part of this Android party. We include HTC Hero and Samsung Moment in our phone portfolio.

Look for opportunities to remind friends, families or others out in social media land that Sprint offers a strong network experience and two very good Android phones.

We also confront some challenges in telling our Android story. Stay tuned for more details that we will share as soon as we can. But here are some possible responses you might use for now if these questions emerge in your social media conversations about Android.

Motorola Droid on Verizon has a more recent version of Android than the 1.5 version now on Sprint phones.

Updated versions are coming for Sprint users. Here is what you can say:

Sprint now expects to upgrade from Android 1.5 directly to 2.1 in the first half of 2010.  We are currently working through the options for upgrades with the manufacturing partners.

Here is a Facebook post with one of our customers asking about the Android versions that so far have been named for a series of pastries, such as donut, cupcake and éclair.

“i've heard something about an update for the phone on the android market. it has something to do with homer simpson and doughnuts...has anyone else heard of it? if so, what is it and how do i find it?”

Point them back to the Community site. We have done a good job of providing the latest Android updates there and we have plans to provide even more Android information there in the future.

A more recent development is the news emerging from Google’s headquarters on Jan. 5 that it would sell Android phones – currently through relationships with carriers other than Sprint – directly to wireless consumers.

Again, stay tuned for additional information that Sprint Ninjas might talk about on this. In the meantime, here are a couple of points that might be worth mentioning:

• Sprint currently boasts two dynamic Android devices - Samsung Moment with a striking AMOLED screen, fast processor and slide out keyboard and HTC Hero with the HTC Sense user interface offering tremendous customization options. Both of these devices have received praise from our customers as well as the wireless industry. Beyond our Android devices, Sprint customers benefit from having Google as the default search provider on all of our wireless phones.

• Sprint has been a partner with Google for quite some time and we continue to appreciate a strong working relationship between our teams. Sprint is a charter member of the Open Handset Alliance, which developed the Android operating system, and we continue to be actively engaged with the Android developer community.

Some pundits have been overlooking Sprint’s Android credentials. We have a legitimate claim as a member of the Android community. Make sure we are part of the conversation.