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Another Verizon family... NINJA-TIZED!!

Sprint Product Ambassador

Posting the text from an email sent by a friend of mine in a soccer supporters group here in Philly.  Took me a few months, but we got her converted, and she's gone viral with getting people on Sprint.  Check it out:

Steve and I have been Verizon customers for over twelve years.  Our entire family and most of our friends also subscribed to Verizon, making it a sensible choice for us since cell-to-cell calls within the Verizon network are free.  It didn’t matter too much that we didn’t have coverage in certain areas (the kids’ school, Steve’s work, my sister’s house), since it seemed like such a good deal.  However, during our last re-up with Verizon, I was talked into purchasing a Blackberry Storm, and with that, a required internet package.  Our phone bill doubled, at least, and I was never happy with the Storm.

After my third Storm replacement in less than six months, I was complaining on Twitter about how unhappy I was with my phone.

Steve Dreibelbis told me I would likely be happier switching to Sprint.  I like Steve so I asked him for more information, even though I thought it unlikely that we’d ever switch from Verizon.  Once I saw the price difference, I was sold, but convincing my husband was much more difficult. He was concerned about coverage and about our family members having to use minutes to call us if we were no longer on the Verizon network.

A few months later, my husband was again talking about how frustrated he was with the amount of our cell bill every month and told me he was going to shop at AT&T and Verizon and see if anyone could help us lower the bill.  I cajoled him into stopping in a Sprint store and when he finally saw the savings for himself, he wanted to switch that very night.

Still, I worried about cancelling my Verizon account before I was sure I’d be happy with Sprint.  So I talked to Steve Dreibelbis again and he assured me that I had thirty days to cancel the contract and return any phones without any penalty.  With that, we bought phones, talked my sister into switching to Sprint with us, and gave Sprint a trial run.

The trial lasted four days.  We tried the phones at my sister’s house and she had signal for the first time since they’d moved to that location.  We tried the phones at my kids’ school and we had signal there, for the first time in eleven years.  We tried the phones at my husband’s work place and he had signal there too!

My sister wasn’t happy with the phone she’d purchased so we went back to the store and asked to switch to the phones that Steve and I had bought, the HTC Hero.  The salesman there exchanged it for her with no hassle and after looking at each other with impressed expressions on our faces, we declared we were ready to cancel Verizon for good.  No need for further trial, we were convinced!

Our family has been so impressed with the service and the coverage with Sprint that we’ve told nearly every one we know and have already convinced another family to switch from Verizon to Sprint, and I’m still working on a few more friends.  I’ve noticed most cellular commercials I see on television pits AT&T against Verizon but they’re missing a dangerous piece of competition by ignoring Sprint.

Thought you all might like that!  (BTW, the first "Steve" that she mentions is not me... it's her husband. so she has good taste in cell service AND names to boot!)


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