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Attention Ninjas: We're moving to SprintSpace


Hey Ninjas,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are shifting our online conversation over to Ninjas Blog on SprintSpace.

Once you are on the Sprint Intranet, here's the link:

This private, secret group on Community has been a great place for us to share the latest info and questions on the minds of our growing group of Sprint Social Media Ninjas.

So far, we only have been able to include Exempt Sprint employees in this community. But we are hopeful that the effort could be extended to our non-Exempt colleagues. We have a pilot program to move forward with that. The shift to SprintSpace will be helpful in supporting that group.

So, thanks for stopping by here. In the coming days, we'll be shifting some of the content on this group site over to the new location on SprintSpace. Come join in.