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Galaxies...Are they confusing you?


With so many galaxies out there it can get a little crazy.

So here is a quick course on Samsung Astronomy!


First there was the...

Samsung Epic – AKA Samsung Galaxy                                                                                                                     




Then came along the...                                                                                                                                                          Around the same time another star was being create, the...

  Samsung Epic Touch 4G AKA Samsung Galaxy S II                                                                   Galaxy Nexus S


sgii.jpg                                                                                                    ns.jpg


      Then out of the dark matter came the...                                                                                                    Due to the gravitational pull of neighboring galaxies… a new Galaxy formed…

      Samsung Galaxy S III                                                                                                  Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE

gsiii.jpg                                                                                                    sgn.jpg

      With all the starbursts a smaller galaxy formed, the...

              Samsung Galaxy Victory


Now you may ask with the differences are ... Check out Sprint Product page with how to's, user guides along with demos.