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It's not about technology tools. We need social media PEOPLE



Time to get inspired by some best practices. Or maybe we should make that “Best Buy-Best Practices.”

At least until Sprint Social Media Ninjas grows so large and powerful that we become as well known as the Best Buy @twelpforce and we start inspiring others.

Saw this from @bestbuy in my Twitter stream this morning: “blueshirts, field employees, what are you prepared to do? to @agent3012 via @joshuakahn”

The link takes you to this YouTube video, titled, “The POWER of ONE to ONE to MANY.”

Sound familiar? Hope so. While we may not have used that exact phrase during our Social Media Ninjas workshops, we certainly have shared the same concept.

When a Sprint employee helps a customer via Twitter, Facebook or some other social networking venue, we are not just providing help to a single customer. We are providing help on a public stage. Others are observing and forming opinions about what it would be like to be a Sprint customer.

Don’t just take my word for it.

As the Best Buy YouTube clip states, “Social Networks enable CONSUMERS to learn more about “WHO” they are doing business with. Are they Genuine? Can I trust them? Do they care?”

Take 3 minutes to check out the video. Then, if you would, please devote a few more minutes to contributing to a conversation here.

Can we learn anything at Sprint from the social media approach at Best Buy?  Do we still have a lot of skeptics at Sprint who question the value of social media generally or doubt the need for them to get involved?  What is the best way to draw them into the conversation and share this kind of perspective?