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Nice Twitter Conversation


*I sent this as a message, but am moving it over to a blog*

Ninjas - I wanted to share a positive experience I had yesterday.

I watched the first Ninja workshop replay at the beginning of Nov. and have been paying more attention to Tweets about Sprint, but just recently started to reply.  But wow – once you start and have some positive experiences, you’re hooked!  You really can help one customer at a time, with just 140 characters or a few sentences at a time.  It seems small, but feels HUGE once it happens to you.

I installed TweetDeck after our Ninja Chat on 11/10, and this is only the third time I have left my search for #sprint running in the background.  Yesterday I saw this tweet pop up, which I replied with just 5 simple tweets over the course of 23 minutes, leaving a positive impact, and possibly winning a new customer:

2:24pm: @WhoDeyIndy Well, #ATT is terrible. Called to find out what my EFT is bc #Sprint has a MUCH cheaper plan. $275 and #ATT didn't even try to keep me!

…and our conversation went:

2:28pm: bam99: @WhoDeyIndy I work at Sprint - thx for considering us. if u have to pay EFT, still save $ in long run w our unlim text/data plan $59.99/mo

2:29pm: bam99: @WhoDeyIndy Go to Use:, CID: 483 to get $59/mo. I have HTC Hero Android - awesome phone!

2:30pm: WhoDeyIndy: @bam99 I would love to switch... Family Everything Plan with HTC Hero and BB... it's still about $150 more expensive with stupid #ATT EFT

2:31pm: WhoDeyIndy: @bam99 WOW! Thank you! You Rock!

2:36pm: bam99: @WhoDeyIndy $150 over 24 mos is $6.25/mo. If our $54.99/line unlim text/data at least $6.25 cheaper than ur pay now, you'd save in long run.

2:36pm: WhoDeyIndy: @bam99 Thanks Brooke! $20 cheaper per month! Any chance #Sprint will credit me my #ATT EFT costs?

2:39pm: bam99: @WhoDeyIndy Unfortunately don't think we can credit EFT. Tweet @Sprintcare for specific acct ?s to make sure ur in 3G.

2:49pm: WhoDeyIndy: @bam99 Do you can any generous Promo Codes I could apply before I checkout with #Sprint?

2:50pm: bam99: @WhoDeyIndy so sorry - I don't, only the everythingplus discount. wish I did for you!

2:51pm: WhoDeyIndy: @bam99 Thanks again!

3:32pm: WhoDeyIndy: Let's just be clear. That's 6 friendly messages from #Sprint and ZERO from #ATT. Looks like #Sprint is the winner over #ATT!

I think the Sprint Ninja program is going to be AWESOME and can have an enormous impact with enough Ninjas in each of the social media outlets!