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It’s a little known fact, but many of these webbloggers and tech site employees use Sprint.  For example, several of the CNET editors use Sprint devices though it is not mentioned often. 

Granted this isn’t something you can tout to your clients, but it’s a good reminder for us that people who understand the industry and technology, as well as leverage it in their every day lives…look beyond the marketing to choose Sprint.  I was at a Mobile Marketing seminar 2 weeks ago and I saw this distinct difference played out in the crowd.

The speakers and all of the technology consultants in the audience had either iPhones, Android phones and YES Sprint phones-(Android, of course).  Everyone else had Blackberry and or iPhone.  From what I could tell based on the questions they asked and the general look of surprise at what they were learning about mobile technology, applications and location based service marketing; these people did not understand and/or leverage the full capabilities of the iPhone/blackberry they used every day.

Guillermo "Will" Santillana

Sprint - Solutions Engineer

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