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Sprint Free Guarantee & Nine Other Things You Can Try Before You Buy


Hi, Ninjas.

As you guys know, our new Sprint 30 Day Guarantee is a big deal. I think it's important because 1) it's actually a good deal and 2) I think it's going to entice a lot of new customers to try us (and of course there is a lot of reasons why they should!).

Roni, a fellow Corp Commie, ran across a blog called "10 Surprising Things You Can Try Before You Buy." I think this is a fun and entertaing blog - plus it's a great story about Sprint. If you can, let's share this good news!

I used the following Tweet - but feel free to use your own words. It would be cool if you could use the same link so that I can track how many people are clicking on the link (and how effective we are as Ninjas).

Here's my tweet: 10 surprising things you can try before you buy from Jennifer Jolly. <--- Did u know u can try #Sprint for FREE?

Here's the again for you to use on your own:

And here's more info from Roni:

"Subject: Sprint Free Guarantee & Nine Other Things You Can Try Before You Buy

Team – I wanted to pass along this blog from national consumer advisor, Jennifer Jolly, who is working with us on the Sprint Free Guarantee announcement.

Her blog, “10 Surprising Things You Can Try Before You Buy”, highlights the Sprint Free Guarantee, as one of several interesting and funny services and products consumers can try before making the purchase!

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article about the Sprint Free Guarantee:

I asked my friend, Peter Pham of what he thinks of this and he said it’s great to see a company putting it’s money where it’s mouth is, “This removes a big hurdle for people who are scared to try something new, even in the face of the facts that eight out of ten people are paying too much for their cell phone service.  It’s a bold move and absolutely headed in the right direction.”

Feel free to Tweet her blog and also send it around to any of your other social media networking contacts to help continue to get the word out about Sprint Free Guarantee.

Thanks, Roni"

And thanks to all of you Ninjas!