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Telling the Sprint 4G story


Many of us have been hearing about 4G for many months and immersing ourselves in all the details. You probably have seen a demonstration or two, and maybe even used an Overdrive or other 4G device to experience the faster speeds and other benefits.

But a lot of our customers probably are still trying to figure out 4G. How is it different than 3G? What can you do with it?

We have put together a package of information to provide some help.

Take a look.

Is this helpful in making clear the benefits of 4G to someone who has yet to experience the technology or still is wondering what it is?

Part of this package includes a new approach to telling the Sprint story. This time it is about 4G. We might rely on this approach again in the future to talk about other important topics, maybe Android, applications or the value of Sprint calling plans.

Do you like this approach? Any suggestions on how we could improve it for future packages?