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With so many galaxies out there it can get a little crazy.

So here is a quick course on Samsung Astronomy!


First there was the...

Samsung Epic – AKA Samsung Galaxy                                                                                                                     




Then came along the...                                                                                                                                                          Around the same time another star was being create, the...

  Samsung Epic Touch 4G AKA Samsung Galaxy S II                                                                   Galaxy Nexus S


sgii.jpg                                                                                                    ns.jpg


      Then out of the dark matter came the...                                                                                                    Due to the gravitational pull of neighboring galaxies… a new Galaxy formed…

      Samsung Galaxy S III                                                                                                  Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE

gsiii.jpg                                                                                                    sgn.jpg

      With all the starbursts a smaller galaxy formed, the...

              Samsung Galaxy Victory


Now you may ask with the differences are ... Check out Sprint Product page with how to's, user guides along with demos.


Hey Ninjas,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are shifting our online conversation over to Ninjas Blog on SprintSpace.

Once you are on the Sprint Intranet, here's the link:

This private, secret group on Community has been a great place for us to share the latest info and questions on the minds of our growing group of Sprint Social Media Ninjas.

So far, we only have been able to include Exempt Sprint employees in this community. But we are hopeful that the effort could be extended to our non-Exempt colleagues. We have a pilot program to move forward with that. The shift to SprintSpace will be helpful in supporting that group.

So, thanks for stopping by here. In the coming days, we'll be shifting some of the content on this group site over to the new location on SprintSpace. Come join in.


I viewed a webcast a couple weeks back from that showcased their new product called Chatter. It is a Facebook-style interface that allows internal collaboration for the different parts of a business. It is now an integrated part of the rest of their modules that focus on Sales, Support, etc. This part of the demonstration was very intriguing to see how they are able to integrate requests for support from Twitter into the support tool.

I'm not sure how our Care teams monitor Twitter, but an integration like this would be great to add to our existing tools.

The entire demo is worth watching, but the Twitter specific portion starts at the 9 minute mark.

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Check this out....

It’s a little known fact, but many of these webbloggers and tech site employees use Sprint.  For example, several of the CNET editors use Sprint devices though it is not mentioned often. 

Granted this isn’t something you can tout to your clients, but it’s a good reminder for us that people who understand the industry and technology, as well as leverage it in their every day lives…look beyond the marketing to choose Sprint.  I was at a Mobile Marketing seminar 2 weeks ago and I saw this distinct difference played out in the crowd.

The speakers and all of the technology consultants in the audience had either iPhones, Android phones and YES Sprint phones-(Android, of course).  Everyone else had Blackberry and or iPhone.  From what I could tell based on the questions they asked and the general look of surprise at what they were learning about mobile technology, applications and location based service marketing; these people did not understand and/or leverage the full capabilities of the iPhone/blackberry they used every day.

Guillermo "Will" Santillana

Sprint - Solutions Engineer

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This is the best round-up of "how to tweet" I have ever seen. This covers the basics of why we tweet and runs all the way through how to make your tweets "retweetable" and how to use hashtags. If you didn't understand some of what I said here, this post is for you!

Tweeting 101:

Twitter experts - any other tips you can give us?


Hello, Ninjas. Happy National Cell Phone Recycling Week!

As someone who cares about the environment and our company’s stellar leadership in this area, I would love your help spreading the word about our cell phone recycling efforts. In this message I am going to share a LOT of info with you, so bare with me and use whatever you want to share our story.

Here’s some cool stuff for you to use/share:

Here is a brief summary of the event – and check out the Community post for more info!

What is it?: Sprint announced its renewed partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for “Plug-in To eCycling National Cell Phone Recycling Week,” April 5-11, 2010. Sprint is launching an aggressive social media campaign to build upon the 3.7 million phones that it collected for reuse and recycling in 2009.

About Plug-In To eCycling: Plug-In To eCycling with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a partnership with leading electronic manufacturers, retailers, and service providers to create, provide, and promote opportunities to donate or recycle (“eCycle”) used consumer electronics. Initiated in 2003, the Plug-In To eCycling program facilitates partnerships to increase recycling opportunities and empowers consumers with information about how to donate or safely recycle their old electronics, including televisions, computers, and cell phones. For additional information, please visit:




Time to get inspired by some best practices. Or maybe we should make that “Best Buy-Best Practices.”

At least until Sprint Social Media Ninjas grows so large and powerful that we become as well known as the Best Buy @twelpforce and we start inspiring others.

Saw this from @bestbuy in my Twitter stream this morning: “blueshirts, field employees, what are you prepared to do? to @agent3012 via @joshuakahn”

The link takes you to this YouTube video, titled, “The POWER of ONE to ONE to MANY.”

Sound familiar? Hope so. While we may not have used that exact phrase during our Social Media Ninjas workshops, we certainly have shared the same concept.

When a Sprint employee helps a customer via Twitter, Facebook or some other social networking venue, we are not just providing help to a single customer. We are providing help on a public stage. Others are observing and forming opinions about what it would be like to be a Sprint customer.

Don’t just take my word for it.

As the Best Buy YouTube clip states, “Social Networks enable CONSUMERS to learn more about “WHO” they are doing business with. Are they Genuine? Can I trust them? Do they care?”

Take 3 minutes to check out the video. Then, if you would, please devote a few more minutes to contributing to a conversation here.

Can we learn anything at Sprint from the social media approach at Best Buy?  Do we still have a lot of skeptics at Sprint who question the value of social media generally or doubt the need for them to get involved?  What is the best way to draw them into the conversation and share this kind of perspective?


Disclaimer:  I didn't want to hijack Ninja space to chat up that fruit company based in Cupertino, CA, but to be great, you may have to learn from other great experiences.

For anyone interested in how the traditional realm of marketing continues to collide with social media, I would suggest periodically reading some thoughts and observations from Seth Godin.  If you haven't heard of him before, Seth has published several best-selling business books on marketing and entrepreneurial spirit and his blog is regarded by AdAge as a top marketing blog.

Seth's blog post from Wednesday is a list of ideas to ponder while comtemplating the success of the iPad launch.  Without regurgitating the list (if you have the time, I would suggest browsing the site), the ideas of "Make it easy for people to talk about you" and "Give the tribe a badge" speak to opportunities Sprint has in social media circles with 4G product/service launches.

Solid methods to think about for spreading the word either in grassroots or viral formats and capture eager audiences hungry to learn more about the next best thing.


Hey Ninjas -- is getting a pretty snazzy upgrade over the weekend. If you haven't seen the demo, be sure to check out all the changes --especially the ones to My Sprint. The site will offer at-a-glance account summary and self-service options, personalized messaging and much more. It's very impressive. I also think it does a great job integrating the Community with customer account management. There seems to be lots of persistent navigation into the Community and quotes from customers, consumers, and Sprint advocates everywhere you turn.

The Marketing and Comms teams are working on plans to get the word out about all the cool new bells and whistles. We'll keep you posted as more messaging develops.

Kudos to the entire Dot Com team and best of luck to the Dot Com Ninjas who are working long hours this weekend to make it happen.

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I ran across a great article on Wi-Fi Planet this morning:  I've put a link to it on Facebook, and on Sprint Space, but in case anyone missed it, here it is again.  It tells how a couple of organizations -- the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the Portland, OR police -- are using 4G.

There's also a statement that I think has the most long-term significance:

Broadcasters are replacing mobile units that cost $500,000 to $600,000 with camera crews in cars equipped with handheld cameras and Sprint 4G connections to enable more nimble on-the-spot live news coverage. "They can shoot in locations that in the past they could not get into without lots of wires," Rowley [Todd Rowley, Sprint's VP for 4G] says. "The broadcast industry loves this."



...and they happen to live in a 4G market, be sure to explain that although AT&T may be its wireless provider consumers don’t have to be stuck with a carrier that has slow 3G speeds. By pairing the device with a 4G hotspot such as Sprint’s Overdrive, you can surf the Internet faster, send and receive email instantaneously, and download movies and books in seconds. And not only does the Overdrive enhance everything the iPad was built for, it also connects up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices such as your computer, game console or camera. Sprint 4G delivers downlink speeds which are up to 10 times faster than 3G from any national wireless carrier.

And if they're still not convinced, send them to Buzz About Wireless for more info.


Hi, Ninjas.

As you guys know, our new Sprint 30 Day Guarantee is a big deal. I think it's important because 1) it's actually a good deal and 2) I think it's going to entice a lot of new customers to try us (and of course there is a lot of reasons why they should!).

Roni, a fellow Corp Commie, ran across a blog called "10 Surprising Things You Can Try Before You Buy." I think this is a fun and entertaing blog - plus it's a great story about Sprint. If you can, let's share this good news!

I used the following Tweet - but feel free to use your own words. It would be cool if you could use the same link so that I can track how many people are clicking on the link (and how effective we are as Ninjas).

Here's my tweet: 10 surprising things you can try before you buy from Jennifer Jolly. <--- Did u know u can try #Sprint for FREE?

Here's the again for you to use on your own:

And here's more info from Roni:

"Subject: Sprint Free Guarantee & Nine Other Things You Can Try Before You Buy

Team – I wanted to pass along this blog from national consumer advisor, Jennifer Jolly, who is working with us on the Sprint Free Guarantee announcement.

Her blog, “10 Surprising Things You Can Try Before You Buy”, highlights the Sprint Free Guarantee, as one of several interesting and funny services and products consumers can try before making the purchase!

Here’s a brief excerpt from the article about the Sprint Free Guarantee:

I asked my friend, Peter Pham of what he thinks of this and he said it’s great to see a company putting it’s money where it’s mouth is, “This removes a big hurdle for people who are scared to try something new, even in the face of the facts that eight out of ten people are paying too much for their cell phone service.  It’s a bold move and absolutely headed in the right direction.”

Feel free to Tweet her blog and also send it around to any of your other social media networking contacts to help continue to get the word out about Sprint Free Guarantee.

Thanks, Roni"

And thanks to all of you Ninjas!


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Tell all your (exempt) colleagues about the upcoming workshop sessions. Also, you are welcome to join the meetings and share your experiences anytime. Don't be surprised if we personally invite you to join us to help support the workshop discussions!

Tell 'um: Becoming a Social Media Ninja involves participating in one two-hour workshop, either in person or by Live Meeting. Interested employees must register for the program.

Upcoming available sessions:

  • Tuesday, April 6 - 2-4 p.m. central time, Overland Park Campus or LiveMeeting
  • Thursday, April 22 - 2-4 p.m. central time, Overland Park Campus or LiveMeeting
  • Wed., May 5 - 10 a.m. – noon central time, Overland Park Campus or LiveMeeting

To register for any of these workshops, visit the registration site:

Enter your e-mail address to move to the registration page. Then choose "Social Media Ninjas" from the drop-down menu. The workshop dates will then appear on the page. Select which workshop you are attending and whether you will be there in person (Overland Park Campus) or via LiveMeeting. Once you have registered, a meeting maker will automatically be sent to you.


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Hey Ninjas -- What a great example of how all the guessing and speculation drove appetite for this announcement. Be sure to check out our coverage on i-Connect, as well.

Sprint offers “satisfaction guaranteed or money-back”

Most comprehensive guarantee offer among all wireless carriers today

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – March 31, 2010 – Sprint (NYSE: S) is backing up its promise to be the best value in wireless, by announcing the only full money-back satisfaction guarantee on service plans that exists in the wireless industry today.

Beginning tomorrow, the Sprint Free Guarantee gives any customer opening a new line of service the chance to try Sprint for 30 days. If a customer isn’t completely satisfied, they can get reimbursed for the device purchase and activation fee, get the early termination fee waived, get a full refund for service plan monthly recurring charges incurred and get all associated taxes and Sprint surcharges associated with these charges waived. In addition, Sprint will waive the restocking fee for new customer exchanges as part of this policy.

Read the complete press release.



We know this will come as a huge surprise for all of you, but the Key Message for our Weekly Messaging is…….wait for it….. “Sprint is the leader in 4G.”

We can’t emphasize this enough: 4G is a big, big, big deal for us this year.

Here are some of the tips and encouragement our Corporate Communications colleagues offered on points we can make to help consumers understand the advantages Sprint has to offer.

CTIA is over, but we need to keep the momentum going.  We launched Houston on Monday. The iPad is being launched on Saturday --with Sprint's Overdrive it becomes a compelling 4G device.

Key Messaging
• While others test networks and make announcements, Sprint is providing 4G service to customers NOW.  Sprint is the first national carrier to roll out 4G and Sprint 4G is currently available in 28 markets covering about 30 million people. This week Sprint launched Houston making Texas the largest 4G state.  By the end of this year Sprint 4G is expected to be launched in major markets like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington D.C and cover 120 million people.

• This summer Sprint will launch the world’s first 3G/4G Android handset, HTC EVO 4G exclusively from Sprint. HTC EVO 4G delivers a multimedia experience at 4G speeds that is second to none, making it possible to download music, pictures, files, or videos in seconds – not minutes – and watch streaming video on the go with one of the largest pinch-to-zoom displays, at 4.3 inches, in the wireless industry.

• Sprint already offers six 4G devices, including Sprint Overdrive – the 3G/4G hotspot capable of connecting up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices (such as iPhone, iTouch, Palm Pre, laptops, gaming devices) to the Sprint 4G network.  With the Overdrive ANY Wi-Fi enabled device including the soon to be launched iPad device becomes a 4G device.

• Our competitors are boasting of theoretical speeds and not actual commercial speeds. Sprint 4G is delivering peak download speed up to 10 times faster than 3G to our customers today!

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. How many words is a video worth? While you ponder that, be sure to check out some of these videos (maybe you could pass them along as links on Twitter or your Facebook pages)

Videos of the Evo 4G demos --

and, See Sprint 4G in Action


Many of us have been hearing about 4G for many months and immersing ourselves in all the details. You probably have seen a demonstration or two, and maybe even used an Overdrive or other 4G device to experience the faster speeds and other benefits.

But a lot of our customers probably are still trying to figure out 4G. How is it different than 3G? What can you do with it?

We have put together a package of information to provide some help.

Take a look.

Is this helpful in making clear the benefits of 4G to someone who has yet to experience the technology or still is wondering what it is?

Part of this package includes a new approach to telling the Sprint story. This time it is about 4G. We might rely on this approach again in the future to talk about other important topics, maybe Android, applications or the value of Sprint calling plans.

Do you like this approach? Any suggestions on how we could improve it for future packages?

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This message comes from Jenny Walsh in Corp Comm. Please note - do not actively share this message, but use it to respond to questions about Sprint and Skype. If you see anything externally about this issue that seems incorrect, please let Jason Gertzen know, or respond with this messaging. Thanks!

Hello all –

Yesterday Verizon announced the availability of the integrated* Skype service on nine smartphones and that is getting some media attention.  Please let me know if you receive any inquiries about Sprint’s view on this.

Here are a few recent stories:

Reactive messaging:
We do not offer the integrated Skype mobile service that Verizon is now offering.

Sprint customers can download VOIP apps on a variety of Sprint phones.  This is part of our open strategy: we do not to block any apps. We support the open Internet model in which the carrier does not stand between a customer and what he or she accesses and downloads.

NOTE:  Until recently, Sprint (and other wireless customers) had been able to download a Skype mobile or Skype Lite app to their phones. It looks like that is not possible since the launch of Verizon on Skype on March 26 – I’m working on getting more info about this.

* There are a bit more nuances than this description suggests, but, in a nutshell, “integrated Skype service” means that, rather than Skype calls running over a data connection (like the downloadable app does), the calls “run over Verizon's circuit-switched network and then becomes an Internet call once its reaches Skype's infrastructure.”  This is according to Fierce Wireless story that ran on Feb. 21.


-- Jenny


It’s a big day, Ninjas. Make that a big 4G day.

Moments ago, Sprint just announced the world’s first 3G/4G Android handset, HTC EVO 4G – a Sprint exclusive.

This is a great topic to use in starting or jumping into a social media conversation.

You can point folks to the CTIA landing page on the Sprint Community site.  Along with blog posts, links to social media releases and discussions – we also have a Twitter stream on the page aggregating CTIA related tweets.  The URL for the replay of the live launch event will also be posted here.  Please drive traffic to this landing page through your own Twitter feeds and your blogger and media outreach.

In terms of our Key Messages, here are some details passed along by Corporate Communications:

Key Message --Sprint is the leader in 4G

This is the week to push out 4G messaging.  The launch event and press release for the HTC EVO 4G, D. Hesse's keynote address, the press release announcing upcoming markets and the ad on making the iPhone a 4G device are all great hooks to share with your reporters.

Key Messaging

• While others test networks and make announcements, Sprint is providing 4G service to customers NOW.  Sprint is the first national carrier to roll out 4G and Sprint 4G is currently available in 27 markets covering about 30 million people. By the end of this year Sprint 4G will be launched in major markets like New York, Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington D.C and cover 120 million people.

• Today Sprint announced the summer availability of the world’s first 3G/4G Android handset, HTC EVO 4G exclusively from Sprint. HTC EVO 4G delivers a multimedia experience at 4G speeds that is second to none, making it possible to download music, pictures, files, or videos in seconds – not minutes – and watch streaming video on the go with one of the largest pinch-to-zoom displays, at 4.3 inches, in the wireless industry.

• Sprint already offers six 4G devices, including Sprint Overdrive – the 3G/4G hotspot capable of connecting up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices (such as iPhone, iTouch, Palm Pre, laptops, gaming devices) to the Sprint 4G network.  With the Overdrive ANY Wi-Fi enabled device becomes a 4G device.

• Our competitors are boasting of theoretical speeds and not actual commercial speeds. Sprint 4G is delivering peak download speed up to 10 times faster than 3G to our customers today!

The conversation already is starting about Sprint, 4G and HTC EVO 4G on Twitter. Let us know how you act as a 4G Ninja in Action.


Another great way for us to market our potential and make revenue off of devices and we don't have to pay the subsidy. I pulled this from the morning edition of Sprint Daily news:


This really isn't a social media-related item, but it was in person so I figure it's at least "social".   I volunteered at a FIRST robotics tournament in St. Louis last weekend; anytime I was eating I took my Pre out of my pants pocket & put it on the table.  I had a several people recognize the phone; one found out it was the Sprint version and just started gushing about how great Sprint was.  He loves his Pre, the reception is great (he's from Chicago), and he even liked the customer service.  He had one problem when moving to the data plan for his Pre, but got it straightened out pretty quickly (and was happy with that).  He also said several times that $99 for two phones was fantastic.

I had another meal where 4 of the 5 of us sitting at the table had Sprint phones.  Very good to see.




Stay tuned for more details but we just shared this news: the Google Nexus One is coming to Sprint.

Can you say: "Enter text without typing," "Google Maps Navigation: offering turn-by-turn driving directions with voice output" and a bunch of other high-tech goodness that will come courtesy of Android 2.1, a version of the platform's Eclair software that offers advanced applications and features.

We put out some details for the general public on the "Buzz About Wireless" Community site.

A lot of specifics have yet to emerge. But this definitely is something worth Tweeting about, posting on Facebook and, if you are so inclined, shouting from tall buildings.

The @sprint Twitter feed wasted no time in jumping in.

With HTC Hero, Samsung Moment, Blackberry Tour - to name just a few - already in the Sprint portfolio, we have a strong line-up of phones. With the addition of Nexus One, we certainly do not have to apologize for the phones we have to offer.

Start or participate in a social media conversation about this. Let us know how it goes.


Nexus One, the first wireless phone sold through Google’s web store, is planned for Sprint’s 3G Mobile Broadband Network.

Pricing and an exact availability date will be announced soon.

Nexus One will benefit from Sprint’s 3G network with twice the coverage of AT&T and 10 times the coverage of T-Mobile, both based on square miles.(1)

“Nexus One is a powerful device that belongs on a powerful network. This is another step in our continued partnership of innovation with Google,” said Fared Adib, Sprint vice president of product development. “Sprint customers already have the option of two amazing Android devices with Samsung Moment and HTC Hero. It is a natural fit for us to add Nexus One to the list of choices available for Sprint customers who want the best value in wireless with the best in Android.”

We will keep everyone updated on all of the details about the phone and how Sprint subscribers can get one.

In the meantime, here are some specifications about the phone:

Nexus One runs on Android 2.1, a version of the platform's Eclair software, which offers advanced applications and features including:

• Google Maps Navigation: offering turn-by-turn driving directions with voice output.
• Email: multiple Gmail accounts; universal inbox and Exchange support.
• Phone book: aggregate contacts from multiple sources, including Facebook.
• Quick Contacts: easily switch between communication and social applications.
• Android Market: access to more than 30,000 applications.
Hardware features of Nexus One include:
• Display: 3.7" AMOLED 480x800 WVGA display
• Thinness: 11.5mm; Weight: 130g
• Processor/Speed: Qualcomm Snapdragon 3G QSD8250 chipset, delivering speeds up to 1GHz
• Camera: 5 megapixel auto focus with flash and geo tagging
• Onboard memory: 512MB Flash, 512MB RAM
• Expandable memory: 4GB removable SD Card (expandable to 32GB)
• Noise Suppression: Dynamic noise suppression from Audience, Inc.
• Ports: 3.5mm stereo headphone jack with four contacts for inline voice and remote control
• Battery: Removable 1400 mAh
• Personalized laser engraving: Up to 50 characters on the back of the phone
• Trackball: Tri-color notification LED, alerts when new emails, chats, text messages arrive

In addition, Nexus One offers new functionality and software enhancements including:

• Enter text without typing.
• Use a voice-enabled keyboard for all text fields: speak a text message, instant message, tweet, Facebook update, or complete an email.
• Tell your phone what you want it to do.
• Search Google, call contacts, or get driving directions by just speaking into your phone.
• Take personalization to the next level.
• Dynamic, interactive, live wallpapers react to the touch of a finger.
• More widgets and five home screen panels allow for further device customization.
• Capture camera-quality pictures and video with your device.
• 5 megapixel camera includes LED flash, auto focus, zoom, white balance and color effects.
• View pictures and Picasa Web Albums in the new 3D Gallery.
• Record Hi-Res MPEG4 video, and then upload to YouTube with one click.
• Read your voicemail messages.
• Get transcribed voicemail with Google Voice integration, without changing your number.


Google's online consumer channel was created to provide an efficient way to connect online users with selected Android phones. Nexus One will not be available in any Sprint retail channels. It will be available directly from Google at

The online experience of Google’s web store is designed with a focus on simplicity allowing consumers to match a phone with the service plan that best meets their needs.

“While a pricing plan has not yet been determined for Nexus One, we are confident that it will be consistent with Sprint’s commitment to deliver more value than our competitors and keep pricing simple,” Adib said. “Right now, our Sprint Everything Data 450 plan with Any Mobile, Anytime gives customers unlimited calling with any mobile phone in America, unlimited text and unlimited Web for just $69.99 per month – the same price AT&T and Verizon charge for just unlimited talk. Our Everything Data plans include unlimited GPS Navigation at no extra charge and annual phone upgrades with Sprint Premier.”

More information

Follow Sprint on Twitter @sprint to keep up with news on Nexus One for Sprint’s 3G Mobile Broadband Network.

(1)Coverage comparisons based on publicly available information as of 1/01/10 inclusive of Sprint roaming partners.


Note added by dshoem01: This was posted by Jason in March 2010 and should not be confused with today's Nexus S announcement. 


Here you go, Ninjas,

Did you know Apple makes great 4G devices?  What, you don’t remember seeing anything about the iPhone 4G or the turbo-charged edition of the iPad?

All you have to do is link one of those devices – or ANY Wi-Fi enabled device – to Sprint’s 4G network via Overdrive.

With the arrival of the iPad early next month, this is a theme we intend to hit hard in the coming weeks.   Let’s get a good conversation going about how we can help Sprint capitalize on all of the hype and attention that is sure to accompany the launch of that new product.  What information or other help can we provide Ninjas so they are ready to engage?

In the meantime, think about 4G and Apps.

These are a pair of the key messages Sprint’s communications team aims to emphasize this week.  If you see any opportunities to hit these notes in your social media conversations, feel free to draw on the following information.

Key Message -- Sprint is the leader in 4G

Verizon and T-Mobile made recent announcements that have garnered media attention for their advanced network plans and activities.  It is important that we stay aggressive in reminding everyone that despite this, Sprint remains the unmatched leader in 4G.

• While others test networks and make announcements, Sprint is providing 4G service to customers NOW.  Sprint is the first national carrier to roll out 4G and Sprint 4G is currently available in 27 markets covering about 30 million people. By the end of this year Sprint 4G will be launched in major markets like New York, Houston, San Francisco and Washington D.C and cover 120 million people.

• Our competitors are boasting of theoretical speeds and not actual commercial speeds. Sprint 4G is delivering peak download speed up to 10 times faster than 3G to our customers today!

• Sprint already offers six 4G devices, including Sprint Overdrive – the 3G/4G hotspot capable of connecting up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices (such as iPhone, iTouch, Palm Pre, laptops, gaming devices) to the Sprint 4G network.  With the Overdrive ANY Wi-Fi enabled device becomes a 4G device.

Additional Resources

Recent Overdrive review:

We have a big push this week on 4G messaging and specifically with Sprint's presence at SXSW in Austin.  We have developed a landing page on the Sprint Community for all things SXSW. We will be driving traffic and 4G engagement and discussions to this site throughout the week.

Key Message – Apps make Sprint phones more fun and useful

Sometimes Sprint gets overlooked with the increasing attention devoted to apps and mobile phones.

With two great Android phones – HTC Hero and Samsung Moment – Sprint offers its customers thousands of applications.  Subscribers with a Blackberry or even many of our feature phones also can tap into great apps.

Every Ninja needs to know the Sprint apps story.

Here is the latest installment in our App of the Week initiative

Drop those scissors. Your coupon-clipping days are over when you can use apps on your phone to get a discount or even replace all of the frequent-shopper cards stuffed in your wallet. Tap your way to discounts for clothes, dining out or DVD rentals with My Coupons. Load frequent-shopper cards on your phone with Key Ring and let the cashier scan your phone to ring up the bargains. How else do you use your phone to shop for the best deals?

And you can find other App of the Week themes here:


Hey Ninjas!

First of all, thank you again for your continued involvement and support of this program. We believe this program can make a big difference for Sprint.

With our recent write-up on iConnect, we are encouraged by an overwhelming response from hundreds of your colleagues who want to get involved. Due to this response, we scheduled three Ninjas workshops in March: March 10, 16 or 18.

Great news: We just trained 70 new Ninjas on March 10 – whoo-hoo! Please welcome these folks into our community!

But we still have spots available for our March 16 and March 18 workshops.

We hope that you will help us spread the word among your friends, colleagues, bosses, etc.

More information about the March 16 and 18 Workshops:

The workshops will take place from 2-4 p.m. CT. We will conduct the workshop in-person on the Overland Park Sprint Campus and via LiveMeeting (and Conference Bridge). In order to attend the workshop of your choice, you will need to register for the Ninjas program.

How to register for a workshop:

Type “registrations” in your Web browser or use the link. Enter your e-mail address to move to the registration page. Then choose "Social Media Ninjas" from the drop-down menu. The workshop dates will then appear on the page. Select which workshop you are attending and whether you will be there in person (Overland Park Campus) or via LiveMeeting (with Conference Bridge). Once you have registered, we will send you the meeting details.

For those we are unable to accommodate during these sessions, we hope to conduct more workshops this summer.

And if these folks want to know more or haven't heard about the Ninjas program, you can share this with them:

About the Ninjas program:

This Social Media Ninjas initiative is intended to support Sprint employees interested in voluntarily serving as online ambassadors.  Many of the initial participants already are active in interacting with friends and other Sprint customers on social networking sites such Facebook, Twitter or user forums. Others who come to us are less experienced in social media, but are enthusiastic and eager to learn.

We offer workshops that go over some social media best practices, describe Sprint’s more formalized approaches to this form of outreach, and direct folks to Sprint resources offering additional information and assistance. Ninjas also are able to share their experiences, ask questions and encourage each other in follow-up sessions and an online community.

The voluntary program currently is open to any exempt employee.

Again – thanks for being Ninjas! See you out in Social Media Land!




We have some "Value-able" advice for how you can get a great social media conversation started with your friends or others out on Facebook, user forums or other sites.

One of the best posts for stimulating interaction with Sprint "fans" on our Facebook page came recently when we talked about how our calling plans were better than those offered by AT&T and Verizon - even after our rivals cut their prices.  We saw dozens of comments, many coming from Sprint customers who were well aware of the value we have to offer.

We know this is a message that resonates.

Take a look at some of the following suggestions and as you travel out in Social Media Land in the coming weeks, look for chances to remind folks that they can get a great value and enjoy a great network at the same time.

Key Message -- Sprint is the value leader

Sprint is highlighting the value we provide customers in a new ad campaign featuring Dan Hesse.  The launch of these ads is a great hook to remind reporters and analysts of our leadership in value.

• Don't be fooled, for consumers Sprint's 69.99 is better than Verizon’s & AT&T's 69.99.
• While their plan includes only unlimited voice, Sprint's Everything Data plans start at $69.99 per month and include Any Mobile, Anytime for unlimited calling with any U.S. wireless user, plus unlimited text, picture and video messaging, e-mail, GPS navigation, Web browsing, social networking and more.  AT&T and Verizon charge an additional $9.99 per month just for GPS navigation.

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Look for a Sprint news release later this week that emphasizes Sprint's value plans.

Key Message -- Nobody has a more reliable 3G network than Sprint

Push out the results of the PC World Magazine 3G network tests.


• Nobody has a more reliable 3G network than Sprint based on a recent 13-city 3G performance test by PC World
• Sprint crushes Verizon. In both laptop reliability and especially in smartphone reliability where Sprint  handily beat Verizon in 12 of 13 cities tested.
•  Sprint customers can have it all: The most cutting-edge devices on a 3G network that PC World found no one can beat and among the most reasonable rates in the industry.

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Hey Ninjas,

We need your help.

Take a look at this and help us spread the word about Sprint care improvements.

In this video appearing on, Bob L. Johnson, Sprint's chief service officer, shares how we have achieved eight consecutive quarters of improved customer satisfaction.

Recent J.D. Power & Associates reports have recognized improvements at Sprint. Many of our customers are noting this, as well, on the Sprint Facebook page and other online sites.

It boils down to this: some consumer perceptions about the quality of service available from Sprint are outdated. If their opinion is based on interactions with Sprint from a year and a half ago, give us another try and find out that we really are a new Sprint.

Some of our colleagues already are getting engaged with this:

Pam Sankey, or as she is known on Twitter @IARSprint, posted: #Sprint has experienced 20 straight months of improved customer satisfaction & first call resolution.

And @WSTheHouse posted: Bob L. Johnson speaks about the great customer service improvements Sprint Nextel has made!

Please, everyone else make the effort too. And share any ideas for the best approach or how your efforts fared.

We have improved and continue to improve the customer experience at Sprint. It won't be enough, however, unless more consumers know about these improvements.


Your Help Needed: readers nominated HTC Hero as their favorite smartphone for the 2010 Reader’s Choice awards. Now through Feb. 24, readers can vote for their personal favorite.

The Hero is already kicking butt, so help us by voting and telling others about the poll!

Vote for HTC Hero from Sprint as Best Smartphone for’s 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards at

More about the Hero (and a shout-out for the MiFi):

Last week, two Sprint devices were recognized as Industry Bests at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The HTC Hero and Sprint MIFI Intelligent Mobile Hotspot were awarded coveted Global Mobile Awards. HTC Hero was recognized as Best Mobile Handset or Device and Sprint MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot was honored as Best Mobile Connected Device (non-handsets).

We put out a Social Media News Release highlighting the award results. Attached is the link to our community site posting:


Hey, Ninjas. If this were "Sesame Street," our number of the day would be "4" and the word of the day would be "first." Let's review the messages of the week!

Key Message --Sprint is the only national carrier that offers 4G

This week (likely Wednesday) Sprint plans to announce our plans this year to launch Sprint 4G in additional markets. While the markets are not yet confirmed, this announcement and the announcement scheduled for Thursday on 4G ads gives us an opportunity to push out 4G messaging. (We'll post more about the 4G announcement on Wednesday and the 4G commercial spots later this week.)

  • 4G offers turbo-charged mobile broadband, delivering peak download speed up to 10 times faster than 3G. Sprint 4G users enjoy a faster and better experience than any wireless service offered by AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile.
  • Sprint currently offers 4G service in 27 markets covering approximately 30 million people. View 4G coverage for these markets at
  • With Sprint's Overdrive™ 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot any Wi-Fi enabled device (including an iPod, iPhone or iPad) becomes a 4G device. Users can enjoy Sprint 4G’s super-fast connections that make the Internet better for anyone, whether you’re downloading videos, playing interactive games with friends across the country or showing a business presentation on a smartphone or laptop.
  • Customers can purchase Sprint’s simplified 3G/4G data plans for consumers and businesses at $59.99 monthly which is the same price as a 3G-only plan and includes truly unlimited 4G data.

Let's chat about 4G as much as we can this week. I'm so excited to share the news with you on Wednesday of where we are going next. Stay tuned!



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