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Sprint Advocates Blog


Sprint Advocates,

I want to start by thanking you for your continued advocacy on behalf of Sprint.  Your passion and dedication towards the betterment of Sprint has been remarkable.   

We sincerely appreciate the contributions you make on behalf of our business and the insights you have provided on various topics. We want to let you know, though, that we have decided to close the advocate community. Sprint will continue to look at future options to create periodic panels of consumers who can help us keep closely aligned with the views of our customers.  

Although the Sprint Advocate community is closing, we want to encourage you to continue to share your opinions, feedback and experiences elsewhere in the Sprint Community and provide assistance when you spot an individual or post in any of the Sprint social sites needing our attention.  We always appreciate your assistance.

When the issue is on the Community, please use the “Report Abuse” option. If the concern is about activity you are observing on the Sprint Facebook page, please alert us by sending an email to and a member of our Social Media team will respond.

Thank you again for your dedication over the last year within the Advocate Community, and on many of our public-facing social media sites. We know you were advocates for Sprint long before this community was established and we hope that you will continue to be long into the future. 



New advertising campaign that I wanted to share and get your thoughts on!  (Embedded in the press release is a link to the youtube video.) 

“The concept of sharing a monthly data allowance across a family or group of users increases the likelihood for a surprise monthly bill due to data overage charges,” said Caralene Robinson, vice president- Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications, Sprint. “Data usage continues to increase and consumers value Truly Unlimited data because it’s simple and straightforward. This campaign is designed to eliminate the confusion and skepticism about who offers Truly Unlimited data plans without the costly catch of sharing metered data attached. It’s Sprint.”



Customer Initiated: 8/22/12, Available via Network Push: 8/28/12




-Browser randomly closes from bookmarks

-Minor Bluetooth fix

-Latest version of Google Wallet

-LTE scanning improvement


Thanks to everyone for their participation and feedback.  We are no longer taking entrants.  I will share winners next week! 


Be among the first to enjoy the Sprint HTC EVO™ 4G LTE…for FREE!

I wanted to share this exciting opportunity specifically for the Sprint Advocate Community!!  I was able to secure five (5) additional Sprint HTC EVO™ 4G LTE devices solely for this distinguished group!  It doesn’t get any better than that!! 

For all you Evo fans, here’s your chance to get your hands on the newest addition to the Evo family. It’s what you’ve come to love…and a whole lot more!  And for those of you who’ve yet to join the Evo club, here’s your chance to see what everyone’s raving about! 

What do you need to know?

  • Read the attached guidelines to determine if you’re interested in being one (1) of five (5) trial participants selected to test drive the HTC EVOTM 4G LTE
  • Be willing to switch out your current device for the HTC EVOTM 4G LTE during the 30-day Trial Period.
  • Your Sprint account must be in good standing.
  • You are not eligible to win if you have won a device from Sprint in the last 12 months.
  • You must currently have a premium data plan or agree to add one.
  • We’ll give you the phone for 30 days (the “Trial Period). All we request is that you post about your experiences on Sprint Community for that period.
  • After the Trial Period, the phone is yours to keep or give to a family member or friend.

How do you enter?

Provide the following information to me (Brian Widener – Bdubs22) in a private message on Sprint Community.

  1. Sprint mobile number
  2. Shipping address
  3. Name of current phone
  4. Sprint Community screen name

How are winners selected?

Winners will be the first five Advocates who 1) meet all of the above eligibility criteria and 2) provide the requested information in a private message.

When will winners be notified?

If you are selected as a trial participant, you’ll be contacted by June 20. Winners also will be posted on the Sprint Community.

Good luck!!!!

Thanks again for all that you do!


Hey fellow advocates

I just wanted to address you all and let you all know why I haven't been around I am normally here responding atleast every other day in some fashion but the last 2 months have been intense planning as my wedding is this saturday so I am in full blown plan mode. I promise you guys I will be back after vacation and honeymooning is done. Should be the week of memorial day so you guys all have a good week and holiday I am going to be getting my marriage on then off to LA/Cruise/Hollywood for honeymooning

0 Comments        This will help all you in AZ.


I know I haven't been around a whole lot lately, I have been super busy with school and work. I am phasing myself back into the group and expect to see me around more.

Thanks all,



         We have been asked by some of the Advocates for more direction about how the Advocates should engage going forward – a charter of sorts. Here’s what we’re proposing as how the Advocates proceed for the remainder of 2011 and into 2012:

What you give:

•Help change the tenor of the conversation on the Sprint Community from mostly negative to thoughtful, constructive feedback

- Be sure only to engage when you are truly passionate about a subject and your interaction is potentially helpful

•Funnel “voice of the customer” back to Sprint team

•Link customers with account-specific needs to eChat team (SP_Clarissa, SP_Desi, SP_JoseNunez) via PMs (cc SP_ArtlovesKC)

What you get:

•FAQs / talking points on “hot topics”

•Used as sounding board for some program concepts and customer messaging

•Monthly conference calls or other touch points with Sprint team and Advocate community  (look for details on the first one coming up soon)

Why it’s important:

•You serve as the voice of the customer

- Example: SAGE readouts have begun internally and are scheduled with 7 internal departments throughout the month of October

•As we continue to explore advocacy at Sprint, you are on the ground level of those efforts – you get to help shape the conversation


We had at one time discussed very specific dates involving primier upgrades.  It was if before ( date) then. Involving 3 or 4 dates can anyone tell me how to fond it or send a link please.


Hey Advocates, just a quick announcement: As a follow up to our SAGE discussion regarding this week's network announcement, we're going to have an unmoderated live chat just for you on Monday, 10/10/11, at 9 AM Central.  Will is going to follow up with a link to the event, so stay tuned.  This event is open for ALL advocates, regardless of SAGE attendance.  We're looking forward to interacting directly with those of you who are available at that time.

Thanks for all you do.  -art

And we have the Live Event - click to pop up the event in a new window.  Do not share the event with anyone not a Sprint Advocate.  Please sign in with your Sprint Community handle.

<a href="" target="_blank" >Click to Open Live Chat App</a>

- Will England

1 Comment

I want to personally thank all of the wonderful Sprint Advocates that attended our Overland Park conference last week. On behalf of the the marketing team and all of the senior team at Sprint we really appreciate your honest and candid feedback and we are looking seriously at all of the ideas brought forward. I intend to spend more time on this blog going forward and asking for your thoughts on key decisions we are trying to make. Your expert feedback will help us make the best informed decision we can make.

One thing I am very curious about: What are your thoughts on the Sprint Drive First app? How is it working? Do you think this is a valuable differentiator for Sprint? What other suggestions do you have?

thanks again

John Carney

SVP Consumer Marketing


Here are a few pics of the trip. Art, I tried to use mailbigfile to get you the folder of them, maybe it went to spam or you didn't recognize the sender and deleted it. Email me and let me know if you got it or not. If not, will send again. Again I can't tell you enough how awesome it was connecting with all of you!!



Follow me on twitter to see whats happening..@kevlar000.


I figure since there has been talk of a customer bill of rights which is a great idea, let's start drafting one. I think first and foremost it is our right for Sprint to follow through on what they promise to us. If a CSR tells me something, I take it as fact and when no action is taken and I call back and another CSR tells me something different it doesn't sit well with me, so I think CSR's must be required to document the account with the information they have given to us so when we talk to another CSR they can see exactly what we were told. That way we are all on the same page.


Thanks for being a part of this exciting community everyone.  I've been a Sprint employee for 16 years, and I must say I've never sensed the amount of focus, excitement, or dedication to the customer that I'm experiencing right now at Sprint.  Dan Hesse's strong leadership style is infectious.  He challenges us to always push for better performance and customer service, and never settles for the status quo.  I've seen this translate to his leadership team and the positive momentum we have built up over the last several quarters, continually posting best-ever network and customer service performance.

I see your involvement here and in the larger Premier Community forum as essential to how we'll move forward as a company.  It gives us the chance to really get to know some of our biggest supporters personally and helps us figure out how to serve you even better, while providing you valuable content and opportunities to learn from one another.  Thanks for being a part of a new era at Sprint!


Note: I wrote this blog on Fri, 2/18 right after I saw this amazing movie.  Have you seen it?  If so, let me know your thoughts!

The King's Speech is my story and yours. On the surface, it's a fictionalized account of a reluctant king and his speech coach in 1930's England. But you don't have to dig very deeply to discover layers of symbolism about finding one's voice, facing (and slaying) demons, and the power of relationship waiting to be discovered. Geoffry Rush and Colin Firth are their usual brilliant selves as they parry and thrust their way to a lifelong friendship. Each of them expresses such complete vulnerability on screen that I immediately identified with aspects of each of these characters, and recognized a deep longing inside of myself around other aspects of them.

Rush turns in a performance for the ages (hello, Oscar). I pray I will someday have the absolute, full-bodied confidence in my craft as he has in his. He pushes, pokes, and prods his royal client at just the right time and in just the right way throughout the film to challenge and sharpen him. But he never takes responsibility for Firth's character (the prince and later king). He knows which rules to break and which ones to hold fast to. I especially enjoyed the interactions between Rush and the Archbishop, a symbol of the way things have always been done. He helps his client, Firth, find his voice and stare into the face of his greatest fears, then walk away triumphant. The story and the performance are both dazzling.

Firth's performance may be a bit overlooked here, but shouldn't be. Even though I had seen him in several films, it didn't take long before I was right there with him, feeling his frustration and anger over the lack of ownership of his life and his impotence, expressed through his inability to have even the most basic verbal interactions. He is humiliated to be reduced to working with a commoner, and enters their relationship a broken, wounded, angry man. The emergence of his character is subtle and the performance is perhaps even more brilliant than Rush's.

This is an important film to see, even if you're not a movie fan. Pay special attention to the content of the speech in the final scene. The ideas contained therein are a big reason why, IMHO, the Allies were triumphant in WWII. And the amazing courage displayed by each of these protagonists is the core of the human journey - challenge, failure, struggle, relationship, hard work, emergence, triumph. Bravo, gentlemen. Thank you for this gift to humanity.

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