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Disney Store Digital Tree


I know you will find it hard to believe but having a 5 year old daughter I generally end up in the Disney Store when I go to the mall.  On out last trip I saw this digital sign that I though was pretty interesting.  The picture doesn't quite do it justice but it is in the shape of a tree and continually moving.  While I was watching it was depicting Alice in Wonderland.  I was not the actual movie but the character moving around on the screen and interacting.

I thought it was a very interesting use of digital in the store.  To me, this is something they used to enhance the fairy-tale experience in retail.  It might be worth trying something similar in our stores, though I have no idea how I'd prove out a business case for a digital sign that just adds to the general feel of the store.  I guess, in this case, you could make a case for drawing people into the store with interesting digital material.