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Business Discount


Business Discount

I switched from another major carrier to Sprint in January of 2012. Before I signed up I was promised a 22% discount because we were bringing 15 or so lines over.

I went to local Sprint store and got two phone to verify coverage was acceptable. We found that we had acceptable coverage in our office building (Had little to no coverage from old carrier) So I talked to Joshua Campbell from Sprint and he got us the rest of our lines. After reviewing the first several bills and reviewing them; I saw we didn't have any discounts that were promised  Contacting him via email and phone, he said that since I started the account in a local store instead of through him that it was making it difficult to get the discount added that we were told we would have. I fought and fought for over 1 year to get our discount and eventually ended up getting 8% but they never back-dated it and I'm still missing another 14% off!

We also had a Samsung S2 that Sprint denied to replace because they said it had corrosion in the charge port (Phone was only 2-3 month old)

So after much frustration and many hours lost fighting them; I've given up. I will not continue to be a Sprint customer for long.

I will not recommend Sprint to anyone any more.

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