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Early Termination Fee for Military


Early Termination Fee for Military

My husband in military and we recently moved out of the country because of his job. Well because sprint didn't have international service there we had to terminate our plan. I have had a business plan with Sprint for the last 6 or 7 years. I have done everything I was supposed to do before we left the US. I have sent his orders two months before the needed cancellation and have had to do it again after chatting with someone online since leaving the US. The first agent called me to say she received my fax and everything would be good. Well low and behold when the final bill comes I get charged ETF for all  4 lines on my account. This is ridiculous. I really liked sprint up until now and when we return from overseas and my business is back up and running I will be looking to place my phone services elsewhere. I will make sure I let everyone else in the service I know to not use sprint when I use to promote them heavily to friends and family.


Re: Early Termination Fee for Military

BFTS  I never like to read about a customer going through something like this, especially not someone serving our country. My team and I can take a look into what happened and see if we can't resolve the issue for you.  We'd need you to send a private message to SprintCare with your Sprint account or phone number and security info, plus a link to this thread in order to get started.


Sprint Social Care Team

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