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 public post  - testing for sprint - please disregard
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If you are a Sprint Business customer with the PAM addon for your Sprint Corporate Liable account, you can set up your HTC Touch Pro II for a tethered connection in a Windows OS environment.  We'll assume your account type is Corporate Liable -- Sprint Business customers only -- and that you have the Phone as a Modem code added to your subscription. This will not work for Sprint Consumer or Individual Liable accounts.  No, there's no way to work around this.  Sprint offers several Android devices with Hot Spot functionality for Consumer or Individual Liable accounts, as well as a wide selection of mobile broadband cards. Ok, let's get started: 1)    Enable Internet Sharing on the Device From the home screen on the Touch Pro II… Scroll to settings.  You should see the next screen. Then select ‘Other’.   You should see the next screen. Select USB to PC.  You should now be on the Internet Sharing screen. Select Internet Sharing, then click Done. 2)    Physically Tether the Device Plug the HTC Touch Pro II USB cable into the laptop’s USB port and plug the other end into the mini-USB port at the bottom of the device.  Make sure the Touch Pro II is recognized by the machine; device drivers should automatically be downloads so this should not be an issue.  This is indicated by an audible ‘ping’ sound when plugging in the device.  The Touch Pro II driver should also appear in Windows Device Manager under Network Adapters as ‘Windows Mobile based Internet Sharing device’.  (It may also appear under modems or USB devices in Device Manager). 3)    Ensure the Device has Connected Go to My Network Places on the desktop or the laptop. Right click on  My Network Places>  Properties. You can see that the status as this sample connection (named ‘Local Area Connection 20’)shows as ‘connected’.  If you double click that connection, you will see the duration of the connection as well as the speed of the connection. Your device should also show as successfully connected. Congratulations!  You are now officially tethered with your HTC Touch Pro II! If you need further information, please consult page 167 of the user guide:
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