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Issues with my Samsung Galaxy S9


Issues with my Samsung Galaxy S9

Hello, I am rather new to this community. Strangely enough I've been a Sprint customer for about 6 or 7 years, and with my loyalty I have upgraded my device not once, but twice, and during the second upgrade I only had to pay the activation fee of $30. That's all well and good, however during the upgrade I was sold a Lifeproof phone case that was NOT built for my lifestyle. I told the store Representative that I was a skateboarder and I do fall so I need a case to fit that. What does he go and do? sells me a WATERPROOF ONLY case with ABSOLUTELY NO shock resistance which the rep said I would have. With this case I predicted my own fate and fell skateboarding (No surprise there) and the back glass wrapping on my S9 SHATTERED in my pocket. I called in to the contact center to see what could be done at their level because the stores can only do so much, and Sprint didn't even take accountability for their store rep's mistake and rectify the issue, so after a continuous argument with the contact centers, I thought they may have solved my issue when they said to go to the Sprint repair center and they can waive or at least eat the deductible, due to Representative error. Did this happen when I got to the store??? You guessed it, NOPE!!! the Store rep and the repair tech told me it didn't matter what the contact center said they wouldn't waive the fee or credit me for it, So because my screen still worked I took the phone back in the faulty case because what more damage could be done if I was careful right? Wrong, Just a couple days ago I fell AGAIN yep you're two for two!! I was skateboarding again and well to my surprise my front glass is cracked and the LCD screen behind the glass no longer works, if that was the only problem i would use my Sprint complete plan for the $29 screen repair and we'd be done. Now I am without a phone, because Sprint didn't take care of this to begin with. Now I am looking in to paying an fee to upgrade when I have GALAXY FOREVER where after 12 monthly payments I can then upgrade my phone to the newest Galaxy, I made my 12 payments and they STILL want to charge me an additional $37 dollars to upgrade and that's not including the upgrade fee, that's a deposit after a credit check that I was told when I started my service that that was the ONLY time my credit would be checked by Sprint, and you know what I was dooped again! if anyone knows how I can take care of this issue, short of terminating my services and going to Verizon, I'd really appreciate the help.

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Re: Issues with my Samsung Galaxy S9

Hey! Let's work together on getting this resolved. Send me a private message with the phone number, account holder's name, security PIN or the answer to the security question. Click on my name and select "send a message".

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