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Major Issues with Asurion and Sprint. Last Chance Sprint.


Major Issues with Asurion and Sprint. Last Chance Sprint.

Hoping someone from both Sprint AND Asurion can read this and chime in. I've finally had enough after making multiple trips to the Sprint Store/Tech Repair, and have spent hours trying to call, then get transferred, or use the chat box and get transferred around with no solution in sight.


TL:DR - If Sprint and Asurion cannot make this right. you will lose a customer (and hopefully many more that read this)


Here are our issues. 2 lines. good standing with Sprint, never had any issues until our devices broke. Here is where the ***storm starts. We go in to the Sprint store which is also the repair center and get my S20 Ultra with a cracked screen looked at. The first Asuiron associate says they cannot get parts and to check back in a month or so. This was all pre "pandemic", when the s20 first came out.


So once stores started opening back up. the S10 (my other line) developed the famous lost connection issue. So i use this opportunity to take both devices in for repair. the S10 started out as a no brainer to them. "we will just change the settings and it will connect again". We still cannot get a screen for the S20 ultra though, sorry. I ask if there are any other options and why i would be paying insurance on a phone that i cannot get fixed. They says oh we can't replace your device because of a cracked screen, but we cannot fix it either. WHAT?!


So we get home and the s10 drops connection AGAIN (this is our 2nd S10 with the same issue). I have my wife return to the store with her S10 because at this point i'm sick of dealing with incompetent associates. The lady working says "oh the first guy didnt have the settings correct, i will fix it now". instantly, here attempt is shown to have not worked. She sighed and said we have to hook it up to test it further. oh im sorry you have to freaking work! it failed whatever connection test she performed and said she would have to order a replacement. I also had my wife complain to the manager there and got him to order a replacement screen for the S20 Ultra. guess it wasn't that hard after all. his excuse was "only some of us have the training for the S20 Ultras". How is that my problem and why were the previous associates blaming it on inventory!?


So the associate says the replacement S10 will be here in a couple days. come back Thursday, i will be here to help you out. We return Thursday and she is not working that day. the manager says he doesn't even show the replacement phone in his system but later retracted and said he "just couldn't see another associates orders". what kind of system do you amateurs run over there??? and the screen should be here in 3-5 days. Great. We are getting somewhere! NOT!


We return after 7 days of not hearing from anyone and they say oh yea the phone is here. still no screen though. lets transfer the phone over and take care of one issue at least. an hour later and she says the refurbished phone was sim locked and they could not activate it. she said give it a few days and it will activate on its own. and we can check back in with her the next week to make sure everything is good and by then the screen should be in. We call in the next week and was told by the sprint sales associate that tech repair next door is closed for the next 2 weeks. hey, thanks for the update guys!! He says some of the staff has transferred to another store. so we got sent home with 2 dead devices that cannot be activated and a brand new cracked S20 Ultra that they can do nothing about.


We call that store and speak TO THE SAME GIRL and she says unfortunately she cannot help us because our info is over at the closed location. At this point I have given up on Asurion and spent another few hours chasing down Sprint Customer Service for this issue. It was escalated 3 times in chat and ultimately showed no results. They say sorry we cant activate your device because it is locked. Sprint Chat advised me to install the sim card into the refurbished device and they will activate it remotely. does not work. phone is still locked. Sprint says sorry this is an Asurion issue and unless you want to pay the balance on the devices and upgrade and yadayadayada. i just closed the chat window.


Dear Sprint and Asurion,


I am left with 3 broken devices in total and am tired of getting spun in circles dealing with this. You have 2 weeks to make this right or i will be repairing the devices and moving to another carrier. If Asurion, after 2 weeks opens back up and refuses to repair our devices. I am moving carriers and returning your broken devices to the store and you guys can figure it out between the both of you. I will not be paying any kind of fees for this. Please do not instruct me to contact customer care. If someone high enough to actually make some change wants to reply to this, i will listen.


Thank you.

Sprint Social Care

Send a Private message with the IMEI number of the device that's locked. Also, let me know if you contacted Asurion when you realized that the phone had an issue. I'd also like to know if you 're carrying the S20 back to get the screen repair, at the store or at another location. 


on the phone with Asurion now. they are sending me yet another refurbished S10 in the mail. so, bleeding fingers crossed!


as far as the S20 goes. They don't even show the repair location in their system anymore! The gal on the phone finally reached someone and they magically will have a tech in that closed location tomorrow. I have a repair ticket from Asurion so it definitely shows that a screen was ordered. they are not able to order a screen from another store because the first store already has an order placed.


I don't feel at this point, there is anything Sprint can, or will do to make this right. they have zero communicaton with asurion and this has been a nightmare. once these devices are repaired, we are leaving sprint for your competitor. i will gladly pay an extra $50 per month for better customer support.


If any higher ups from Sprint are reading this. Get rid of Asurion!

Sprint Social Care

I understand your frustration. You mentioned that a device is being sent out to you and you've been provided the location of a store to repair your device, if after receiving the device you're still experiencing issues please let us know. We would be happy to further look into this. 


Sprint has had this entire time to "further look into this". You missed you're window.


Yes, the same crappy S10 device that has issues worldwide and is refurbished is being sent to me so I can deal with this all over again.


And we'll see what happens with the repair facility (that was closed until i spent an hour on the phone with Asurion and now magically will have a tech there today) I'm willing to bet my screen still will not be there after all of this time and an Asurion repair ticket in my hand.


Thanks, but I've already done all the heavy lifting and phone calls to Asurion. Something Sprint should have been doing the whole time for me, or any of their customers for that matter. I should not have to go through all of this just to get a brand new $1000 device taken care of.


Sprint is lazy and has shown me through all of this that they don't really have any solutions or assistance. They just run you in circles until they ultimately decide I need to deal with Asurion myself.


You have lost a customer once this all gets resolved and I can turn in these repaired devices.


Thanks anyway.


Update 7-30-20


This just keeps getting better and better! (See sarcasm for definition)


After being told by Autumn from Asurion over the phone last evening that somebody would for sure be in the closed repair center today and would be able to fix my screen if the parts arrived.


I went ahead and called that location already knowing what to expect from these 2 companies. OF COURSE nobody from Asurion is working at that branch and Sprint salesman told me the repair center is closed until further notice. No S***!!!


This has got to be the worst customer service I have ever seen from both companies. I am paying insurance on a phone that can't be fixed and Asurion and Sprint just have their heads up their a** and have no idea what is going on.


Sprint and Asurion, you should be absolutely embarrassed by the why a simple cracked screen is being handled by both of you!


Not once has anyone with any kind of supervisory role stepped in from either company to make this right. I have just been dealing with these entry level script readers and getting nowhere.


I hope T-Mobile lays off every incompetent employee from Sprint and finds a new insurance company other than Asurion. Brain dead millennials that do not care about customer service should not be answering phones for such a big company.


I cannot wait to leave this terrible company. Please just fix my **bleep** device so that I can take my money elsewhere. The next step is filing an insurance claim complaint through the BBB.


Hey thanks for reaching out to us. We are terribly sorry that this had happened. I wish that I could have assisted you with these physical repairs over on our end but I'm unable to make any promises towards that. I assure you that once our Repair Centers are open and we have the equipment to fix the devices we will do so for you. In regards to the S10 (Which seems to be an internal issues) can you tell me what happened when you spoke to our Tech Department about a fix? Or were you only able to speak to the store reps? 


Thanks Stephan but you seem to be a little misinformed here.


The repair centers ARE open. Except for the one that I was dealing with. The other repair centers have notified me that they CANNOT make the repair or order another screen because the repair center that is closed, already has a claim open on my device.


You guys DO have the equipment and you DO have the ability to order a screen. And you DO have the ability to simply trade out the device if it cannot be repaired.


Both companies are simply refusing to accept responsibility and do anything about this.


I wish you guys were all on the same page so that I dont have to keep repeating myself.


If you want to know the details of the S10. Simply scroll up and read...


I would not be able to trade the device for you, you however can file a claim with Asurion to replace the S10 if it's not working. Here are the steps.


Phones: To file your claim or check your claim status online, go to or call Asurion Customer Care at 1-800-584-3666.


In terms of the S20 screen I'd not be able to process that on my end, that would have to be done at a Repair Center. Due to the Pandemic there are some stores that are not open for Business atm. I can check out your account to see if I can find additional info that can help. Send us a Private Message let's chat. 


Like i keep saying. Sprint is useless. I am done wasting my time chatting with sprint phone directors.


There is nothing you will be able to do for me that 3 of your colleagues haven't tried. It's pathetic that there is not one single person at Sprint who can call someone at Asurion and get this handled. You are representing Asurion as your partner but Sprint can do absolutely nothing to help a customer that has a broken screen.


If you would kindly read above, I have already stated that Asurion mailed us another S10. That is no longer an issue, as painful as that was.


Now we are on to getting an S20 Ultra screen repaired, or simply replace the device if a repair cannot be done! I am not going to private message you because I want everyone to read the crap I am going through.


I am done replying to social media techs. Have a supervisor chime in. Or good day.


Hey, I understand that you need the S20 screen repaired. We cannot process the repair over on our end because you would need to physically go to a repair center or have the phone sent in to be replaced. I would need to review the details on your account to get a better idea of what took place before on our end. The only way I can access your account is through private messaging to protect your sensitive info. Given the opportunity I'll do all I can to help on my end. 




Scroll up and read man!


There are other OPEN repair centers in my city! Unless you have magic corporate powers. Those centers CANNOT PROCESS another screen claim because the repair center i went to weeks ago to order my S20 screen, is now closed. Asurions words, not mine.


It has nothing to do with not being able to go to a repair center. I will gladly go to one but I called them and was already told the above!


The ONLY thing you can do is escalate this to someone that can get asurion to get the screen sent to an open repair center from the closed one. It's that easy!

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