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Poor Customer Service / Refund

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Poor Customer Service / Refund

On 11/25/18, I completed a claim for a lost phone with Asurion. A couple days later, before the new phone arrived, the phone was found. I called Asurion, and was told that I could return their phone by simply declining the shipment. I called the shipping company, FedEx, they tracked the shipment. It had not left the distribution center. I declined the package. FedEx returned the package to their customer, Asurion. I was informed by Asurion, they would refund my $225 deductible upon confirmation that the phone was being returned to their warehouse. The FedEx tracking number for the return shipment is 773817098674. It was received at 2:00pm on 11/28/2018. I was told by Asurion, I would promptly receive a refund 7-10 business days from 11/28/2018. I should’ve received  the refund no later than 12/12/2018. ...I am still waiting, nearly a month later.  I was also told, Asurion didn’t process the refund until 12/18/2018.  A supervisor then informed me, coaching will be provided to the individual who didn’t process the refund. I called on Monday 12/31/2018, to check status on the refund. Apologies were made. Asurion then informed me It should be here by Friday 1/4/2019. I’m so frustrated. They received my money in one day. Why does it take so long for them to return what is rightfully mine!!!???

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Re: Poor Customer Service / Refund

Waiting on money that is owed to you shouldn't be delayed. Have they stated in what method the money is being refunded? Are they refunding back to the card, or sending you a check? I apologize that I don't have much information on this, I believe this is an issue that needs to be addressed by Asurion.





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Re: Poor Customer Service / Refund

They say they’re refunding back to the card. 

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Poor Customer Service / Refund

I would contact Asurion back. They would be able to tell you if the refund was given back already. The holidays could have delayed it as well. 

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