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Problem with loaner phone


Problem with loaner phone

My screen cracked on my S9+  February 28 and I called Sprint who gave me the number to Asurion to call for a repair.  Since that time I have been mailed 3 loaner phones all which have not worked.  I have been to the Sprint store twice, once because the reprentative on the phone suggested I go because he couldn't help me and today because after a couple hours I gave up on trying to activate the loaner phone.  All in alI, I have been told by Sprint that Asurion has mailed me 3 loaner phones that are defective.  My screen on my phone is still cracked.  Sprint continues to have to reactivate my service back to my phone because the Sprint representatives can't figure out what the issue is with these loaner phones, all they say is the phones Asurion continues to send me are not compatible with my phone and are defective.  Has anyone else had this issues?  I am so frustrated at this point because I have been paying for this service and every time I go to the Sprint store they reactivate my phone and tell me it's out of their hands because Asurion is involved.  Me being a professional person, this insurance plan is being sold by Sprint and I am paying it to Sprint not Asurion so when am I going to receive the services I have paid for?  What's the point in paying for Sprint Complete if I can't use the service and the Sprint representatives are nonchalant about the situation and say contact Asurion.  I pay Sprint for this service not Asurion, I feel that after three loaner phones that don't work and Sprint see I am having this issue, Sprint should be giving me a solution not me looking for a solution.  I am at the end of my rope. 

Sprint Employee

Re: Problem with loaner phone

Hello! I'd like to confirm, any of the loaner phones that you've been sent by Asurion can't be activated? I'd like to verify the options available for you in this case. Send me a private message with the account holder's name, phone number, security PIN or the answer to the security question. Click on my name and select "send a message". 

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