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S7 edge battery replacement with Insurance?

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S7 edge battery replacement with Insurance?

My battery barely last 8 hours with hardly any use anymore. Will Sprint replace my battery since I have the Protection Plan with Insurance?

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Re: S7 edge battery replacement with Insurance?

Hello Orion78. Thanks for your question. Asurion protection does not cover accessories. The battery is not protected under the Asurion s Total Equipment Protection plan. Lost, Stolen, and Damaged Beyond are.

File, complete, and check your claim status at within 60 days from time of loss or damage. (Preferred method)

You also have the option to contact Asurion directly at 1-800-584-3666.

You should try bringing the device to one of our Sprint Repair center and have the device diagnosed. For a repair center near you visit:

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Re: S7 edge battery replacement with Insurance?

So what your saying is I should just "Lose" my phone seeing how thats the only thing that will get my battery issue fixed.

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Re: S7 edge battery replacement with Insurance?

Good morning Orion78. No, I'm saying the insurance does not cover the battery since it is an accessory. If you lose your device, you will have to pay a deductible to have the device replaced. For more information about Asurion Claims and what it covers, visit: for information about how much a deductible would be visit:

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Re: S7 edge battery replacement with Insurance?

You realize the battery is not an "accessory" on the Galaxy S7 edge, since it is not customer-serviceable, and that trying to remove it voids any sort of contract?

To remove a Galaxy S7 edge battery requires, and I quote:


  • A plastic triangle opening tool (i.e., a guitar pick)
  • A nylon spudger
  • A precision knife set (e.g., X-Acto knife)
  • Premium 2mm red adhesive roll of tape
  • Multi-purpose heat gun
  • Phillips screwdriver (small)
  • Playing cards (I kid you not!)

How in the world can this be considered an accessory if you have to crack the case and remove 12 tiny phillips head screws to remove the speaker, the charging coil and the antenna to get access to the battery? You have to pry components off the motherboard!


The battery is glued in place.


On what planet is this considered an "accessory?"


To be honest, I was shocked to find this out, as my prior Samsungs did not have such a glued-in battery. When my battery was dying today, I thought, "Okay, let's just take a trip to the Sprint store or order a new one onli--" NOPE!


This is very, very disingenuous of Sprint to say that a) it's not covered under insurance, but also b) if you try to replace it on your own, it voids your insurance.


There has to be some suggestion for how Sprint customers can get their Galaxy S7 battery fixed.


Hell, I could pay a service charge, like $50. I don't care about the money. I just care about there being some reasonable way for Sprint to replace a battery.


Re: S7 edge battery replacement with Insurance?

Hi there.
I had the exact same problem with the same device as you have. As stated by Sprint MOD, Asurion don't cover the battery, BUT, you can bring your device to a local Sprint Repair Center and they will diagnose/fix it for free since it was a manufacturer problem.

Hope this helps!
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