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Unauthorized insurance plan added


Unauthorized insurance plan added

Been w/Sprint since June 2018. Have had so many billing issues. Resolved (finally, thanks to this community site), but now, I'm super ticked. We bought an iPhone XR, transferred all pertinent date from Pixel 2, then took to Sprint to activate it. Everything was great, until I got my bill. They added insurance for a device I paid for outright, didn't purchase from them, didn't ask for, wasn't asked about, and certainly did NOT approve. I know there is a commission to be had by store associates for these things, so I have a feeling that's what happened. I have other issues with my bill -- promotional pricing ended 6/30/20 but we contacted Sprint and were told that the pricing would stay the same. We wouldn't have to do anything. False: July and August bills are $30 higher ($10 per additional 3 lines). Needless to say, I've contacted Sprint (chat), and while I'm temporarily satisfied with my credit, I am not satisfied with how the matter is being minimized. I was simply told that it was "misinformation" and the rep would "receive the necessary sanction." This is the second time since signing on with Sprint (from Tmobile, mind you, and 19 years at that!) that we have been told one thing about our bill moving forward and it's a flat out lie. Back in March 2019, Sprint issued HUNDREDS of dollars of credit because of this type of misconduct and my persistence in argument over it. So great, I'll get $76 of credit, but WHO authorized this insurance, and WHY is it just "oh we'll credit it?" That is NOT ok. And "oh, the rep was misinformed" and you actually have to pay $30 more a month now, even though you were told you do not. honestly? When transferred to customer retention, the last comment was this: "I understand where your coming from but like every promotion, it has a start date and end date. You have already save a lot for the promotion," followed by me typing, "Ok, is that all then?" (several minutes pass by) Then me simply ending it with," OK well thanks--"  THAT'S how you want to address customers with a history of loyalty? Honestly? You have now merged with T-Mobile, whom I only left because signal was terrible here where we moved, but if you add it all up, that's 21+ years. Lord, I was in my 20s when I signed onto T-Mobile (Then called VoiceStream). I'm flabbergasted. 

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Thanks! Allow me a sec.


I replied to a PM sent to me just a little bit ago w/info they requested.


I have had the same experience MULTIPLE times. I can't believe Sprint's outright and blatant dishonesty towards customers. Absolutely insane. 

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