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Why are unauthorized protection/insurance plans still happening?


Why are unauthorized protection/insurance plans still happening?

Guys, come on, this is getting ridiculous. There is an obvious trend on these community boards of customers upset about having Sprint Complete plans added to their account. Please do something at the corporate level to make sure your sales associates are trained to stop this.


We went into the store today just to get a simple SIM card for a new iPhone. We very specifically told the sales rep that we did not want any device protection or insurance. When we signed the receipt for our SIM card, we were given a blank signature prompt with no other text. Upon receiving my e-mailed receipt, I noticed that this blank signature was transposed onto the agreement for Sprint Complete.


This is so disappointing and terrible customer service. No means no, and it tarnishes the entire company's reputation when the sales rep has to use these underhanded tactics to get a commission. I then had to waste my time, and the time of another customer service agent to get this add-on removed. Knock it off please before people start filing BBB complaints.

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