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buying a phone under financial contract

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buying a phone under financial contract

Hey sprint. I have a question regarding a phone. I was told its clean and unlocked. The IMEI is still clean, but it is still under financial contract. I didnt know this until after I purchased, because I thought clean IMEI meant it wasnt financed. So the phone is originally sprint. What does buying a phone that is under financial contract through sprint actually mean? Can I still use this phone under sprint on my account ? Or did I just get burned?

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Re: buying a phone under financial contract

If the phone was fully paid off and the account is either closed with a zero balance or open and in good standing, then the FED lock error is most likely a mistake that we can look into and fix. If this phone was either not paid off, the account is in write off or seriously delinquent, then we may not be able to help. "Clean" IMEIs usually refer to phones that are not lost or stolen but that doesn't mean not subject to financial obligation. The SMARTeam can take a look, but they will need either the first and last name of the person who last had this phone on their account or their account number. If you're still in contact with him/her you'll want to reach out and get that info ASAP.


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Re: buying a phone under financial contract

Thanks for quick reply.

If seller ready to pay remaining bills as required and ready to share First/Last name and account number ? Could this phone can be transferred into my account without any obligation or showing finance bills...
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Re: buying a phone under financial contract

Hi there. If you know the seller/previous owner of the phone, I would work with them to verify that the phone has been fully paid off. I would suggest visiting a store together or calling in together and the seller can access their account and get that verified very easily. Ultimately, if you try and use that phone and it has not been paid off, you will not be able to use the phone even if it is unlocked.


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