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As easy as 1 2 3 simple steps to return your leased device to Sprint

Sprint Leasing and Insurance

Your new device is here! It’s like a party in your hands.

But before you leave your old leased device in the dust, remember that Sprint needs it back.

Luckily, Sprint makes it simple.

Follow the three steps below to make the process as painless as possible. For more detailed information, check out this video.

1 Check the condition

In order for Sprint to accept your old device, it needs to be in good working condition. If not, you could be subject to a damaged device fee.   

Here are a few things to check:

  • Does the device power on (and does it remain on?)
  • Is the screen in good condition without cracks or divots?
  • Is the device free from custom engravings?

2 Back up and “clean”

Please back up all of your data and erase all personal information from your device. Sprint does like it any more than you do if you lost your valuable contact information, photos, videos, or music.

Every device brand has a different way of erasing information, so be sure to check your manufacturer’s instructions.

Here are some general data removal processes for iPhone and Android devices.


  • To back up: Use iCloud Backup to save all of your information to the cloud
  • To erase: Settings – Your Name – Sign Out / Settings iTunes & App Store – Settings – Sign Out


  • To back up: Turn Google Backup on and back up all the information.
  • To erase: Google Options Menu – Remove Account / Settings – General Reset – Factory Reset – Reset.

3 Ship it!

Once you’re sure that all of your information has been backed up and then removed from your device, it’s time to return it to Sprint.  

Sprint provides a pre-paid shipping return kit for your convenience. Just pop your old device in the provided envelop and take it to a UPS store or simply walk into any Sprint-owned retail store and handed to a store employee. You can find the nearest store here:


Just a quick FYI about this, I tried returning a leased phone in at a Sprint store once.  They told me I HAD to mail it in.

Sprint Leasing and Insurance

@clbowens thank you for the this feedback. 


 @clbowens  Leasing a phone sounds cool, how was the leasing experience? and what was the cost to you?


@clbowens  did you walk in and just hand them the phone or did you get the return kit, put it in said kit and take that in to the Sprint store?


almost positive either route you take still needs the device put into the return kit. the kit is what is going to contain your info as to who it is coming from and for what purpose its being sent.


i think when they mention taking it into a Sprint its mainly if said store is closer to you than a UPS store they will ship it for you....if its put into the return kit.


@TWDs I have leased my last few phones from Sprint.  I think the experience depends on the person.


If you are the type that upgrades your phone every 1 or 2 years and usually takes pretty good care of the phone, then I think you would be good with leasing.


Now, if you are not good with taking care of your phone, you will want to get some kind of insurance or not do leasing.


And if you upgrade your phone every 1 or 2 years, you're going to have a phone payment anyway, why not lease and upgrade it every 12 or 18 months.


@fireguy_6364 To be honest, I did just walk in with the phone NOT in a return kit.


When I leased the next phone at Best Buy, they didn't have any Sprint return kits available.


i have a feeling that is where the mix up happened..if for example they put it over with a couple other devices the odds of them getting mixed up is pretty high..if it were in the return kit (if you had one lol) there wouldnt have been any issues..its already sealed with all your info included..


@clbowens thanks for the tip on leasing, last question how much per month do you pay for the leased phone.


also keep in mind its a lot like leasing a vehicle..once the lease is done you turn it in..if however you decide you want it you will have to pay off whatever that cost might be to own it as your own.


the other route is installment billing..which you own the phone once the payments are done.


For the record after reading so many nightmare experiences returning devices I decided to take my packed up iPhone in the "return kit" that sprint mailed to me to an actual sprint store so it can be scanned and id have proof of mailing.


I clicked on the above "find a sprint store" link and drove in my un-air conditioned truck in 104 degree Temps 10 miles away. I waited in that sprint store for 45 minutes. One man even came in after I was there for about 30 min and just walked up to the clerk and started getting help. The other clerk jumped in and said, "I think he was here first" but being the nice guy that I am, I said "no no, it's OK... I can wait a little longer" and so I did.


Finally I bring my box up the the counter and told "we don't accept these here"... Im like "huh!?!" then told they are not a corporate store and I needed  to go to a different store 6 miles away. Thanks sprint for suggesting that store in the link above.


Next store, still 104 degrees out... Im helped immediately... Thank God.  But wait, no.... We don't accept these here.  I'm like "aren't you a corporate store" and I am told yes, but they don't accept returns I should just drop it in a mailbox.


This stupid return wound up bring a 2 hour ordeal.... And I was no better off than when I left my house. I even offered to show them how it says on their own paperwork and website I could "simply bring it to a store" and his response was "still not gonna change the fact we won't accept your return".


Terrible terrible Terrible... I am so glad I closed my sprint account. 


Called and requested 2 return kits weeks ago, still nothing.  Tried chatting but they said I have to call again.  Ridiculous! Was a Sprint customer for over 15 years but their rates keep going up and their customer service has way down!  So glad we switched providers!