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Five Reasons to Flex

Sprint Leasing and Insurance

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When you are out there shopping for a new wireless phone, there are so many questions. But one question that comes to mind might be, do I buy a device outright from a source or should I just lease it? To answer this question, you must consider many factors, but let me give you just 5 good reasons to lease with Sprint Flex.

  1. Lowest upfront cost
  2. Choices at the end of your 18 month lease term
  3. If you want to own your phone, you can pay for it in 1 lump sum or 6 additional monthly installments
  4. Return your old device and upgrade to a new phone
  5. You could chose to continue leasing the phone and decide later what you want to do

So check out the great prices of new phones on

For example, I have recently been using the Motorola MOTO e5 Plus and find it to be a nice device with a low monthly lease price. (see photo attached)

Sprint has many other options from low to mid-range to iconic that can fit into almost anyone's budget.

Check out more in the FAQs


Below is a great article on the same topic and wanted to share.




1 Comment

i am a 20 year Sprint customer. i am paying a premium price for my services. i am very tired  of not be eligible for any special offers. hot spot   2. hula 3. iphone xr for $15 5. LG G8 $15 these offers are for either new customer or new line of service. Is there any incentive for me to continue with, never mind obviously not. So I am going to move on to a company who hopefully values longevity. I just don't get it Yes I have spoken to Sprint customer service and express my disappointment, no one would assist.

Example - LG G8 $15 for new customer LG G7 for existing cutomer,

I don't understand your priorities, that right it's not your current customer.