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Shhh...Five of the Best Things about Sprint! SAVE big with a FREE AAA membership renewal plan!

Sprint AAA Discount Rewards



  1. AAA membership has always been about worry-free road side services, travel and discounts.
    Sprint has teamed up with AAA to provide free AAA membership renewals. All AAA members and household members get their AAA membership renewal paid by Sprint when they switch and can have their basic member renewals paid for as long as they remain on the Sprint plan. For a family of four that could be a savings of ~$200 a year!
    To get the awesome offer you have to go to to register your AAA membership ID(s) and mobile phone numbers(s) that you are switching at Sprint.
    PLUS there’s more! You get all of these additional worry-free benefits too!
  2. Discounts galore. 25% off most accessories. That’s right. Discounts on that new phone cover or mobile charger for your phone!
  3. Peace of mind. Get the Safe and Found app for up to five phones free. Keep track of your love ones. Your kids can check in through the app when they reach their destination or arrive at their after school activity without texting you!  Parents can even restrict the apps that your kids download on their mobile device.
  4. Special pricing. Save $5 per month with eligible plans. It all adds up!
  5. Extra money in your wallet. For a limited time, get up to $200 via prepaid Mastercard® when you switch to Sprint!


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