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Sprint Account Health Check: Five ways to keep your Sprint account up to date!

Community Manager

The next time you log in to your account, you may be prompted to update fields like your security question/answer, your billing address and/or your email address or your account password. These are great ideas but I think we can take it a bit further.  Keeping this information up to date helps you ensure that when you order your phone or make changes, everything goes smoothly.


Read on for my top five Sprint Account Health Check tips


Verify your email address and preferred method of notification

Where to find it: Notification Settings: Update Email or text notifications or in the My Preferences pop up box under My Address

What to check:

  • profile notifications: Find out immediately about any changes to your My Sprint profile
  • Account Notifications: Receive updates about changes to your plan or options, devices or services
  • Security and usage notifications: Get info fast about changes to your security settings and help avoid overages in usage

Verify or update your billing address: 

Where to find it: All about my account: My account info: My Address or in the My Account info drop down of the My Preferences popup

What to check:

  • Contact phone number: this is the number we'll call if we need to contact you.
  • Your billing address: Equipment and return kits are sent to your billing address by default.  Verify and update this information to ensure your receive items in a timely fashion

pw change.jpg 

Update your My account password

Where to find it: All about me: Change display name, username or password or in the My Sprint drop down of the My Preferences popup window

What to check:

  • Username: choose something easy to remember but unique from banking or other financial account usernames.
  • Password: Please Note: We have updated our password requirements for greater security and want to insure that all passwords meet the new criteria.  All passwords must contain:
  1. Minimum 8 characters
  2. Maximum 33 characters
  3. Must include at least one of each:
    1. Capital letter
    2. Number
    3. Special character (. - _ $ * # @ ! + are permitted)
  4. You cannot reuse a previous password

Update your Sprint account PIN and Security Question

Where to find it: All about my account: My account info: My account PIN or Update account PIN and Security Question/Answer in the drop down of the My Preferences popup window

What to check: 

  • PIN
    • New PINs must be 6 - 12 digits and should be different than your previous PIN
  • Security Question and answer:
    • As with other information, try to pick something separate from Q/As used on other accounts like your bank or utilities

Manage who can buy in a Store or access your Sprint account online

Where to find it: All about my account: Limits and Permissions or My Sprint: Manage who can buy in a store and My Sprint: Manage access to my online account

What to check:

  • Manage who can buy in a store
    • Review the individuals you have listed as Delegates. Revoke access to anyone who does not need it
  • Manage access to my online account
    • Review Requests: Individuals on your account may request access to view or change permissions. Those requests can be reviewed and approved or denied here
    • Review Users: Grant access, limit or revoke the permissions of individuals on your account from this window

Create unique logins and limit access to maximize your safety online

These days we may have a dozen online accounts to help us pay bills and manage our lives. It's best to limit the number of people allowed to access any of these accounts, your Sprint account included. Though it can be hard to keep track, creating unique usernames, PINs, passwords and security question/answers for each can be a major step towards preventing losses in more than one account. Don’t give a bad guy a twofer by using the same info for more than one account.


It only takes a few minutes do to a Sprint Account Health Check. When you verify and update the information stored on your account, you help to ensure that you receive equipment or return kits to the correct address and account notifications in a timely manner.  More importantly, verifying and updating these fields can help protect you from unauthorized changes or charges to your account.


Let's all make it a habit to check in on, verify and update our Sprint account information once or twice a year.


Please note:  Changes to the 2 factor authentication system

You will be asked to complete 2 factor authentication when updating any sensitive account information. You will be prompted to choose a phone number on the account to which a code may be sent via text message. Due to safety concerns, we have temporarily removed the option to receive this code via email provided one line on the account is capable of receiving text messages. We will enable email verification at such time as we are certain we've eliminated any risk from doing so.


Why is every time I log onto my Sprint account I need to request a PIN and wait for it to be sent to me in order to log in... I am always using the same computer to do so, and even my phone.  It seems more difficult to access my Sprint account than any of my banking accounts. This is frustrating. Why can't sprint recognize I am using the same computer EVERY TIME just to manage my account.  If I were using a different computer I would understand... 

Community Manager

Greetings @AnnRenee10, at present we're using 2 factor authentication for every login as an added security measure.  It can be a little inconvenient to do this every time you login, I get it.  I'll pass along your feedback; I know we're looking for ways to keep you secure while also reducing the amount of hassle required to do so.