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Sprint Five: Best Gifts for 2017

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My family is firmly in the digital world, in fact I have one child I only talk to through Snapchat.  Everybody wants a gadget or a phone under the tree this year so I've hunted down the very best loot and put together a great resource for this season.  Read on for my top five gifts for Holiday 2017 below!


gal_463x407_4.jpgImage of Alcatel GO Flip phones5.  The Alcatel GO Flip - Wait.. a flip phone? Really? On a 'Top Five' list?  YES! We all have that family member who doesn't need and will never get much use out of a complicated smartphone. The Alcatel GO Flip is made for the folks who don't have Facebook, have no use for Snapchat. They just need to be able to talk and text and the price could not be better. Meet their needs without complicating their lives with this great device! With Sprint deals, qualified buyers can lease an Alcatel GO Flip for just $30 down and $5.00 a month.



accessory_180x160_a.gifImage of a BB9e App-Enabled droid4. Got a Star Wars fan in your life? Check out the BB9e App-Enabled droid set this little droid up and control it either from your smartphone or let it go on it's own and see what happens. Be careful, though, it's a tool of the First Order and you know how those guys are.


3. Surprise and delight the Apple lover in your house with a new iPhone. Qualified buyers can Lease-One-Get-One free on a pair of iPhone 7 or $300 off upgrades or $350 off a new line when you lease the iPhone 8, 8+ or iPhone X with Sprint Flex.



moto-mods-gamepad-1000 (1).pngImage of MOTO mods gamepad


2. Have a gamer in your life?  Hook that gamer up with a Moto Z2 Force and a MOTO Game Pad.  With the MOTO mods connector, the MOTO Z series devices morph into a handheld game unit with D pads and thumb sticks. Seriously, this is hands down the coolest accessory I have seen this year. The bad news? Sprint doesn't carry the Gamepad but you can get it directly from Motorola or BestBuy for around $79.99.



LG paddevice_145x250_a.gifImage of LG G Pad F2 8.01. My number one favorite gift for the holidays is the LG G Pad F2 8.0. This second generation of the LG Pad is slightly bigger than it's 7" older brother and makes a great gift for just about anybody: entertain the kids (or yourself but only if you're not driving!) on long trips, use as a mobile office with Microsoft Tools, or game in larger format on that 8" screen. It's even got pogo pins in the back so it's ready for LG's Plus Pack: an additional 4400 mAh battery pack with full size USB port, 2x2 speakers and kick stand. Best of all, get the LG G Pad F2 8.0 free for 24 months with bill credit. All you pay is the monthly service plan (and you can't beat $30 for Unlimited data on a tablet plan!).


Are you shopping for gadgets or cell phones this year? What are your top picks?


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