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Sprint Five: Burning questions about the Apple iPhone 8

Community Manager

If tradition holds, we are less than a month from the Big Day: iPhone Announcement at Apple day and the rumors are flying.  We anticipate Apple will want to make this one special.  After all, it's the 10th anniversary of the phone that changed the game.  

I've been out snooping and sneaking, I've rounded up some very interesting tidbits, leading to my five hottest iPhone 8 questions.


We will get more face, less waste?Photo credit @phonedesignerPhoto credit @phonedesigner

Capitalizing on the current trend in high-end devices, it looks like Apple is going to maximize real estate on the front of the phone. Forbes is reporting that we could see a massive 5.8" OLED edge to edge display.  Apple accidentally leaked this news themselves; developers found the display dimensions buried in Home Pod beta code. In order to facilitate the new screen dimensions and bezel-minimizing design, it's suspected that Apple will move to a disappearing/reappearing home button. 


Can you say lasers?  

A few other devices have played with laser focus but Apple may be adding lasers with their typical flair. Fast Company had some great information about what we might get in a rear-facing camera utilizing lasers for several applications including advanced facial recognition, AR and 3D selfies.  We may even see a rear camera on the phone able to record video in 4K at 60 fps according to BGR .




Could we have USB-C, Wireless charging and better power management? 

Chargers and batteries aren't as sexy as displays and cameras. Still, anybody who lives and dies by availability of a Lightning cord will likely be pleased to hear that Apple may be bringing several improvements in this area. This Spring, BGR reported that Apple filed a patent for technology that would enable devices to make more efficient use of battery life. More than one site has reported on the possibility of both wireless charging and a USB-C type connector. Could we be saying goodbye to the good ol' lightning cord in favor of a more universal charging option? Mild language warning for Gizmodo's article but it's still worth a look.


Tickle me… Blush?? 

Several sites reported this week that the latest mockups feature a new color with one possible name as Blush Gold.  I'm a fan of anything that resembles pink myself, though I'm not sure how I feel about trading Rose for Blush. Also, why do I suddenly want to watch Steel Magnolias?


But what will we CALL it? 

As this is the 10th anniversary edition iPhone, the rumor mill is wild with suggestions that Apple may brand it with a special name. They may move to separate themselves from what I'm calling '8 Profusion Confusion' by stepping away from the Samsung products currently on an 8 version. So far I've seen hints about names like "Pro." "Edition," and "X", with a very strong suggestion that Apple will release a slightly scaled down version of the phone under the 7S and 7S plus moniker.  Could we get 3 iPhones this year instead of 2?


While we wonder and gossip about the specifics, the word is out that Apple is pulling out the stops for their flagship phone.  We can count on the device being packed with the innovative, high-quality features it's devotees have come to expect.


Do you have questions about the new iPhone?  Let's speculate in the comments!



What are your reviews on the i8 plus 

Community Manager

As soon as I get my hands on one, I'll post them.  If you get one @nastyjrdunk088, you should post your thoughts in the iPhone space for us!