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Sprint Five reasons why you should Log into the Sprint Community.




You are the customer, let your voice be heard!Ask a Question. Stop wasting your time on hold and an even longer call!  You can come to the Community, anytime 24 x 7 and ask a question.  Or even better, search the Community before you post. You may find someone else has already provided an answer. If you have a question that requires account access we also have agents who can help you out.


  1. Answer a Question. Like to help others? If you have a problem and you figure out the solution, or even if someone else provides you a solution, post it here so others can benefit from your problem solving skills.
  2. Start a Discussion. It doesn’t need to be about your Sprint plan or phones, it can just be for fun, get to know your fellow customer! You can even talk about your pets in Off Topic!!
  3. Become a Sprint Advocate. If you have a knack for figuring out mobile technology, we invite you to provide solutions for other community members.  If you prove yourself a worthy advocate, you can gain access to technical knowledge and share resources, to help build a better community experience.
  4. Get a "Key to the Community" badge.  72x72_new_community_key.pngIt’s cool, and you only get one if you log in to the Sprint Community.  (and the more you participate, the more badges you get!) 

For easy access to the Sprint Community, just click here to follow the instructions to download your quick link to Sprint Community.

Now here’s my disclaimer…you are free to talk about anything as long as it meets the guidelines, so be sure to read them first. 


DON’T forget the first rule of Community…Be NICE!! And the other first rule, NO TROLLS!


I am extremely disappointed  in Sprint customer service support and their ability to lie, confuse and be commanders of your account. 


Based on on customer service alone I'm leaving Sprint on a buy out from AT&T. Why? Customer Service sounded American or at least understood the language and did not tell me what I wanted to hear but what they could do and what they could not do. AT&T did not beat around the bush or tell you to go to another web site to request a reception boost or not inform you that it requires wi fi. The only other customer service that behaves in this way is Verizon. Is it because Sprint and Verizon became to big for there pants? Does Sprint and Verizon think they are the McDonalds and Burger King of the cellular world?! Yes they actually do and will take your money too before they ask you what the problem is! Try AT&T because I am. I did. Just call and talk to them and find out why AT&T is growing while sprint and Verizon continues to connect customers to the most ignorant and arrogant agents I've ever heard. 100 percent real talk. You could not pay me to keep my service with Sprint after the end of this month! 


I find it outrageous  that you can't even get someone on the phone now to talk to you about your account. Then when you use live chat they want to charge you $70 to set up payment arrangement!! Customer no service for Sprint now. Been with them 15 years and never have been treated so bad .. When I leave this will be why

Sprint Employee

Hey Brianb407, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Allow us to take a look into this. Check your inbox and reply to the private message that I just sent you.

Sprint Employee

It looks like we are unable to send you private messages. Please click on Options>preferences>Private messenger>Turn on private messages.


You should log into the Sprint Community to tell everyone you can, how Sprint lies about their 55+ unlimited plans.  Sprint website says you only have to be 55 to be eligible, but it does NOT let you switch plan.  It sends you to a local Sprint Store.  The local Sprint Store tells you "their system cannot switch and you have to call *2 to switch".  Finally the *2 Customer Service puts you on hold for 30 minutes, then tells you that "YOU ARE NOT TARGETED", like somehow you have to be the Lucky Winner to sign up for the Sprint unlimited Plan because it is so awesome.  After 10 years paying my bills on time all the time, this is a total failure of Sprint.  Do NOT use Sprint !!!!  Tell all your friends do NOT trust Sprint!!


How do I create a new post?


I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max that was activated on Verizon.   Can I bring this to Sprint as a BYOD?   Verizon has verified that the phone is unlocked and is paid for.   When I try to use this phone with Sprint, I get the message "phone cannot be activated on Sprint network".    Help.  

Community Manager

Yes, you can activate a BYOD iPhone 11 Pro Max on Sprint.  I would need the MEID of the device to see what's going on.  Shoot me a PM with that information.