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The top 5 features of the My Sprint app!


Have you checked out the My Sprint app recently? If not, you should! There’s a ton of functionality tucked away that you might just find very useful! Below are some of our favorite and most used features. Check ‘em out!

  1. Manage your account – You can quickly review or edit your Sprint profile to update your security questions, account password, email contacts, and manage outstanding orders. You can also discover exactly what services your plan offers! You’d be surprised just how many people don’t know what perks their plan includes! Don’t be one of those people! Log in and check out your offerings in the Plans and Services section today!
  2. View your bill and make payments – This is a pretty straight forward feature, but can be incredibly useful when you are on the go! You can view your bill and download as a PDF, setup AutoPay, update your eBill preferences, and make Payment Arrangements! You can even pay your bill with Apple Pay with the latest version of the app on the Apple App Store with an Apple Pay compatible device!
  3. Upgrade and shop – The My Sprint app will notify you when you’re eligible for an upgrade and give you full access to shop the Sprint store from your mobile device! Upgrading is literally right at your fingertips and has never been easier! Get yourself setup with that new device quicker than ever.
  4. View your usage – Have you ever wondered who the data hog in your family might be or exactly how many minutes or texts have been used up in a month? Pop into the Usage section of the My Sprint app to see a breakdown of data, talk, text, and mobile hotspot usage in your current billing cycle for each line on your account!
  5. Get help when you need it – If you’ve ever had a billing, device, or service question for Sprint, the My Sprint app can help with that! You can search Sprint’s existing support database, reach out to a SMART agent in the Sprint Community, or even get a chat going with an agent! With a few quick taps you’re able to quickly help address any questions you may have right through the My Sprint app!