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Tips For Protecting Your Privacy


In 2019 you'd be hard pressed to find many things you can't do on your phone. Pay online bills? There's an app for that. Monitor your home thermostat? Definitely an app for that. Order dinner? Done! Your world is literally in the palm of your hand. While that may be super convenient, you have to  protect yourself in this technology infused world. 


Be wary of people phishing for information. Don't be the next big catch.  Just because an email or text looks official doesn't mean it is. People will send emails trying to get your personal information. Avoid the trap! Sprint and many other companies will not email, call or text you asking for an account PIN. The moment this happens you need to report it.


Put passwords on your devices and your WiFi. Change them often and never make your password anything thing like PASSWORD123 or your name. The longer and more random your password, the better. Here are some password tips.


Be wary of clicking random links. Just because Grandma clicked a link that says, "win $100,000 k instantly," doesn't mean you should. Be smarter than Grandma. Let her keep dreaming of that Nigerian Prince. Keep your own info on lock-down, never forward or respond to 'too good to be true' emails and offers. 


Update your software regularly. Update your antivirus software and operating system to ward off potential cyber virus threats. Do this for your PC when prompted. If you don't like automatic updates, manually look for them weekly.


Online shopping is great because you can buy something and forget about until it arrives. It's like someone sent you a gift! Be sure when you shop that it's on a secure network. Use your phone's hot spot and secure network when you're out and about to keep your banking info under wraps.shutterstock_1207866412.jpg




In this ever-changing world one can never be too safe. If you do feel like you've had a security breach of your Sprint account please reach out to us here and we'll help you troubleshoot. Safe browsing!