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Anyone Want to Beat Up This Dead Horse?


Anyone Want to Beat Up This Dead Horse?

Yeah, sure you do! I'm getting pretty long in the tooth, and I know things change. But when all the corporations which make up an entire sector of a specific industry all simultaneously and with little fanfare or notice, make fundamental changes to a well established business practice, a change which significantly and universally raises the costs to the every customer, irrespective of which company they choose to do business with, causes me to raise an eyebrow. Especially when these increases in consumer costs were motivated by our favorite character flaw, slimy self-serving greed. To be clear, this in NOT a rant criticizing our capitalistic systems, because this isn't capitalism, it's corporate collusion and price fixing. That is both illiegal as well as pathetic, but what am I talking about?


Who here remembers when people weren't mandated to more than double their monthly cell phone bill in order to have access to a new or sought after phone? Remember when a commitment to remain loyal to one company for 24 months was valued by these companies enough to compel them to subsidize the equipment so as to keep their prices competitive? Anyone remember how every single company in the US phased out these loyalty programs SIMULTANEOUSLY in favor of the higher profit generating BS we are forced to participate in. Not many people can afford to drop $600-$1,200+ on a cell phone, so we have precisely one other option to choose from. Paying a BS "Lease" every month... Forever, because in the US, if a company doesn't grow every single year, we are told those companies are dying failures. This asinine doctrine is absolutely toxic falsehoods, and compels corporations like Sprint to cheat by coordinating needless cost increases with every other company they are supposed to be competing with. 


And what eventually happens? Precisely what we are and have been experiencing for the last few years with this industry. Strategic consolidations, one after another, just like the airlines. Unchecked, eventually we consumers are left with one or two mega-corporations, you know, the type that are "too big to fail", but use mass layoffs as a strategic cost saving (read that for what it is, greed motivated pocket lining) and are rewarded with the salaries of those people as a bonus. 


Anyone remember? 



Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Anyone Want to Beat Up This Dead Horse?

I hear ya BigNutz. I do remember when cell companies use to offer a free phone every 2 years. I also remember that these free phones weren't the latest and greatest  top model. As time has past more and more customers have been wanting the newest and greatest in tech. Phones themselves have evolved more into computers than the older versions that only allow a customer to text and call. These phones are quite a bit more costly to boot. With these changes companies have changed up they sale these newer phones. 


Many of these leases allow customers the flexibility upgrade every 12 months. For the customer who wants to own their phone these lease allow the flexibility to purchase the device if the customer wants. There is even the installment billing option that at the end of the 24 months the customer owns the phone. 


Let me know if you have anything else I can assist with. 


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