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Charged damage fee for 3 returned phones in perfect condition.


Charged damage fee for 3 returned phones in perfect condition.

I have recently upgraded my phone as well as the phones of my two daughters. As instructed, we sent back all three old phones in perfect condition for the return (each of the devices were covered in a protective case and had screen shields on at all times, so there was no structural damage on them).

I wrapped each phone in bubble wrap and sent them back in two different Sprint return kits. In my most recent bill from Sprint, I am being charged for three damaged phones (the same ones I dropped completely undamaged at the UPS stores for their return).

The agent in my chat told me that I need to contact UPS since they broke the phones in shipping/handling. However, in order to contact UPS, I need photos revealing the state of the damaged packages, as it is very difficult for me to accept that all of the devices were damaged without proof. If UPS broke them, isn’t it Sprint’s responsibility to contact UPS since they paid the shipping cost?  Furthermore, why am I the one being charged for this mismanagement? How can I get proof of the damages? Please advise.


Re: Charged damage fee for 3 returned phones in perfect condition.

I understand that this can be super frustrating. Damaged fees can vary on why they are being charged. If they were damaged in route to Sprint, then yes you would liable for the damaged fee. Upon receiving the phones back, they are fully inspected. We can take a look into the account, and see if the notes were left to see why the phones were labeled that way. 


Send me a PM. 

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