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Complaint: the worst lease service


Complaint: the worst lease service


I had 6 lines with Sprint since 2019. All 6 devices were under so-call Flexlease... I was told at the store that after I pay 18 month lease I would have the choice to payoff the device or to continue the monthly payment for additional 6 months to own the device. However, if you don't chose either option above, you are default to chose an options call month to month lease service... Then you are paying the monthly fee to RENT the device. All money you paid will go to waste and won't be counted toward the final payoff amount. The plan is very confusing and unreasonable.
What make it worst is Sprint agents told me different things. I called and did online chats many times. Every time I heard different things. I called Sprint to pay off my devices when I noticed I have been paying for RENTING device. I have 6 devices in my plan, I specifically asked the agent I only have paid off 5 devices, do I need to pay off the last one device. She said "NO, because you have canceled the service." Now I see the $43 RENT for that device in my current bill. I contacted Sprint again and paid off that device. Of course the $43 can't be counted toward the payoff amount because it is the RENT. What a joke....
I am tired with arguing with Sprint agents. My leases ended while ago, I think I was charged for way more than I suppose.
I can't even find a way to file formal complaint. There are only call, online chat and mail options to contact Sprint. I called and did online chat before, they were not helpful. I don't want to send a mail. So I post my complaint here and hope everyone can see it and be aware of it. 
Luckily I am done with Sprint. I will switch all the lines under my plan to other carrier. I will never use Sprint again. 
Sprint Social Care

We're so sorry about the experience you had with us, I want see what is going on in the account and see what we can do. Check you DM! 


I am having the same issue. It was confusing when originally I got the device in Oct of 2017. I got an iPhone 8 Plus which I have been paying so called "FlexLease" for over 36 months now. Which when I called customer service to get it resolved they originally said they will adjust the amount of about $400 I paid extra. After two weeks I see no updates and when I gave them a call back, they say there is nothing in their notes about $400.


I even asked if they could at least let me just own the device after paying so much extra. Never had an issue like this since I have been a customer, which is almost 10 years. 


The so called "Customer Service" keeps putting me on hold now and then eventually call just disconnects. It's just frustrating the way they are treating me.


@Sprint_Khoury  any way you could help me with this?


I'm here to help! In order to further assist I'll need some more information. I'll send you a PM.

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