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Congrats Sprint you Got Me with the Flex Lease

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Congrats Sprint you Got Me with the Flex Lease

What can i say 2 years ago, I added a line and brought my wife onto my account. Purchased (leased) an Iphone using the flex lease.  I wanted a 2 year contract, but those don'e exist anymore and today i found out why.  At the time of bringing my wife onto my account, i was assured that the Flex lease operated like a 24 month contract, but better. Well my wife's phone is in good condition and we don't really want to upgrade her phone right now.  I recently checked my bill because i thought my contract would almost be up.  Turns out that no although i have paid 24 months of payments, i still have 6 more to go or $240.00 to pay for the phone.  

So Sprint has got me. They got me good.  I have had several chats, but the chat customer service reps don't seem to be inclined to maintain this customer relationship.  When my 2nd lines payments complete in 4 months, I will be looking for a new home for my phones.  The service when i am at work is garbage anyway.  Thanks Sprint for making that decision easier.  


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Last week, I was very frustrated with my Sprint experience. I have had a weekend to reflect and I now have some additional insight. Sprint has made the lease buyout process as difficult as possible to prevent people from buying their phones. Some lessons that i have learned. In the month prior to the completion of your lease, you should just buy the phone.

1. Don't assume that you will receive a separate important notification from Sprint when it is time to purchase your phone, you probably won't. This could be that all of your Sprint notifications go to Junk mail, because they send out so many of them. 

2. When you get ready to purchase your phone, make sure you have about 8 hours to devote to the process, it may take that long. For something that you have the contractual right to do, they will make you jump through excessive hoops to get it done. They do not want you to buy the phone, because that cuts into their profit. 

3. If you get sucker punched with some of the monthly lease fees, then you essentially just lit that money on fire. Sprint will not make it right (they used to, but this is the new Sprint). 

4. For your next purchase, buy your phone directly from the manufacturer or through some other means. I know that Apple still offers contracts, it is essential you making a payment to a bank, but at least the terms of the loan are straight forward and understandable. 

5. Don't trust anything that Sprint sales or customer service reps tell you when you are purchasing a phone they tell one thing and then they hide behind the contract that you sign even though it explicitly contradicts what they just told you.  

Please learn from my mistakes.

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Sprint Social Care

Hey, I'm here to help with this. I'm not ready to lose you as part of our Sprint family just yet, so I'll like to make things right. Let's handle this step by step, what issues are you facing with your service?


When I am in my office at work, my service fluctuates between 1 bar of LTE, 1 bar of 3G, and no service at all.  I have checked the coverage map and my office building is located in a region which shows fair coverage, but It has been like that at work for several years. It has just gotten worse in the last few months. This is of secondary concern for me.  


Oh no, so is it only when you're in your work office you experience this? 


Pretty much. Outside of my house right now with 3 bars of LTE. I walk outside of my office and it goes to 2 bars and go a quarter mile away and it goes to 4 bars. But I am still more concerned about the extra $240.00 that Sprint has and will charge me. 


Hi! What is the extra $240 for? 


My main problem is I got baited into a lease from which Sprint's main intention was to get me to pay additional money for a phone that i should already own, and that money would not be paid towards the cost of the phone, meaning Sprint would own the phone for forever and the customer would pay extra for that phone for forever. At the outset, it was my intention to own the phone at the end of the contract and i was assured by Sprint that it worked just like a 24 month contract. Boy was i wrong. Sprint got me. Also, it would help if read the whole thread before your respond otherwise it just looks like you don't really care about what your customer is saying. On a related note Your(Sprints) chat customer service is completely unhelpful one chat ended with me asking for a response and the Sprint customer retention rep said they were checking on it and then ended the chat. such neglect really makes the customer feel good about the interaction.

I'm truly sorry that you feel that way but it wasn't my intention. As mentioned, I wasn't able to view the entire thread for some reason. Probably the cause of a technical issue on my end. Now I'm not sure who told that the Sprint Flex works like the 24 month agreement but it doesn't. If you review you contract you'd be able to see just how it works. 


Thanks for responding. I understand that now and I am not sure which one of the Sprint reps told me that either, but it occurred in the lead up to me adding a line and then upgrading my phone.  bottom line I am not happy and everything I have been told will leave me unhappy.  My posts here are more of a cautionary tale for Your(Sprints) future customers or current customers.  The continued lease payments at the same rate as when you purchased the phone is essentially robbery. I know that we agree to that at the outset, but Sprint sets the terms and we agree or no phone. the lease payments should at a minimum adjust based on the value of the phone. This is essentially pure profit for Sprint on the backs of your loyal customers. Well as the saying goes screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me. So of to other pastures, just more aware of the scams that Sprint and the other phone companies are using. 


I got frustrated with this lease payment issue. so i logged into my account to buy my phone outright and be done with the scam lease payment. After 2 hours of chatting, because it won't let me buy my device online, I was kicked off of the chat. I still cant end the scam lease payments and buy my phone. I am so done with this company. They won't even let me fulfill my end of the contract, they just expect me to continue making the scam lease payments. I asked several times to let me make my payment and they ended the chat.  Be aware before you do business with Sprint as for me, I will look elsewhere when my 2nd lines contract expires. 


@IveHadBetter so basically after 24 months of payments you're still leasing the phone? You were under the impression that the phone would be yours after 24 payments am I correct? 


That is the basics of it, i might still have 1 or 2 payments to make, but that is essentially correct. I have seen the contracts and all the legal documents. I know understand what I was supposed to do back in December, but that is money wasted. I am tired of the game and I just want to be done with it. So i spent 2 hours in a chat asking to buy the phone outright, and the website logged me out in the middle of me typing. my assumption is the Rep no longer wanted to chat and ended it. Sprint will not let me buy the phone online. I am very frustrated at this point.
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